Wednesday, September 29, 2010

off to the junk shop and other updates...

happy wednesday, everybody.

things have been super busy at casa leilani this last week or so...

i don't want to jinx myself, but i appear to be mending, somewhat, and have been able to work in the studio for several hours each day. i have to take it easy, ice my hand and wrist 3-4 times a day, and wear a thumb stabilizer,

which is now covered in paper clay and paint. on the positive side, the dolls eyebrows seem to be a little straighter as this thing forces me to hold a paintbrush a little steadier. tee hee!

so, i'm doing the freret street market this saturday, with the help of several good friends who have agreed to help me set up this massive ( supposedly easy-up) tent and tables.
i have an obscene amount of dolls and paper goods ready to sell, but not nearly what i wanted to have. isn't that always the way it goes - overkill?!? i always think i can do more!

i am excited to put my work out in the world and see what happens. i'm really just trying to put love and happiness and frivolity into each one of them, and hopefully send them out into the world to good and fun homes.

so, that's all the news that is fit to print this lovely, crisp fall day in the big sleazy.
i am off the junk shop to get more bottles

to decorate to hold these silly pixie sticks at market...

i hope to be back here more regular-like in the upcoming days.



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TheBlakkDuchess said...

Hey Lady! =D

I haven't been around much lately either... Apparently not nearly as long as if feels, but still. I'm hoping you had an awesome weekend at the market! ^-^
I'm so sorry you've been having nightmares! I hope your dreams are sweeter tonight.

I'm glad to hear that your hand/wrist is on the mend. You're still in my thoughts. ^-^

We finally got a new camera, so I'll have to post some pics of the Pixie Sticks happily adorning my kitchen window sill. ^-^
I hope you have a supremely awesome day today! ^-^