Wednesday, September 1, 2010

goodie bags rock!

wow! is it really wednesday?
 it seems like it was just friday, yesterday!
the weekend will be here before i know it.

speaking of weekends---- i had a great visit this past weekend  from my friend laurie who dropped by on saturday- braving a severe amount of rain, drank some wine with me, shopped in the studio, and brought me this wonderful bag of goodies:

she knows i love frida kahlo, so you can imagine i was thrilled beyond words to receive a box of frida magnets!! and of course, gorgeous han solo on a community coffee bag! delight!!! harrison ford and a cup o' - now that's my idea of a good time!

laurie is an amazing paper artist - here is better example of the piece she made for me:

thank you, laurie! you totally rock!!!

i also arrived home from errands on friday to find these treasures waiting in the mailbox for me:

thank you wendy for such a treasure trove of lovelies!  wendy is, it goes without saying, an amazing paper artist, as well.   i've featured her work on here fact, that's how we met.
so, thank you again, wendy! you're awesome!!!

as for today, i am in the process of updating the ETSY shoppe with more halloween goodies (i just can't get enough) and finishing the pieces that are to be dropped off at PLUM on friday.

tomorrow i want to share some pictures with you of little things around the house that i find delightful or inspiring. thanks to vanessa over at a fanciful twist for inspiring me to do so.

see y'all tomorrow ...


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