Thursday, September 16, 2010

getting back on the horse...

well, although my hand is still a little weird ( i.e. it still hurts from time to time and i am babying it a bit) i am starting to get back on the horse, so to speak...

i am trying to ease back into production by making one more piece, each day, than i did the day before. i am afraid to over do it, so that seems the best way to keep myself in check.

the cyst has definitely gone down, but i can't tell if has gone away entirely.
the tendinitis is giving me the most fits and i think i'm probably more careful (paranoid) about it that i probably need to be.
the truth is it hurts. and it's gonna keep right on hurting, so i might as well work and just be done with it.

i bought some new photo equipment a few days back and have been playing with them:

i think the pictures are turning out much better than before.
i didn't much like the guy who sold the stuff to me, as he basically berated me for not having an slr camera.
dude. have you seen the size of my hands? i can't even hold one of those things.
but, anyway... i'm happy with my purchases and the way the new pics are coming out.

i have been super duper depressed and angry the last week and am trying very very very hard to find my happy place and get back focused on putting positive vibes into the world. it's been hard though.
i feel so out touch, alone, and misunderstood that i have been wallowing in self pity for over a week.
gotta stop.

so, i'm gonna head to the studio and start painting pumpkins this morning. and dream about making a living with my art...

i've been trying to keep up with everyone and hope that all is well...




Christina J. said...

I think the nice thing about a blog is finding other people who think the way you do, like some of the same things, and get where you are coming from. You aren't alone. :)

Hang in there with the tendonitis. I know how much it hurts, but it will eventually get better.

Lois Moon said...

Oh yes, I feel you Pain...literally. I has a ganglion on the inside of my wrist which grew to the size of a York peppermint patty and involved all of the nerves and tendons in there. The cyst pressed on some nerves and I had pain radiating from my elbow to my finger tips. After two+ years I finally had the surgery. It was fairly complicated, but the hand surgeon who did it assured me that I would have a speedy recovery and I did. I was in a 1/2 cast for a week and then just had it wrapped to protect the stitches (stitch - he closed this long opening with one stitch.). The pain before the surgery was far worse than the healing. Hang in there and know that whichever way you have to go, there will be an end, but I do hope the shots clear the cyst.