Thursday, September 2, 2010

a few new things and tour around mi casa...

so, as i told you yesterday, i have been getting some last minute pieces ready to deliver to PLUM here in new orleans. i am very excited to have my work in dannal's store! it is super cute, clever, and retro inspired. i hope that my pieces will do well there and i am thankful to dannal for taking a chance on them!

since i am waiting on most of those last minute pieces to crackle, i thought i would take a moment and share some pics with you from around our humble abode. i was in a picture taking mood yesterday (and a procrastination mood as i could not summon the will to paint early yesterday morning) i flitted around the house and took some random pics of some random stuff that appeals to or delights me.
 so, let's begin our tour:

this is a tag that was on my 40th birthday present from my friend, laurie. it's a zozo the magic queen tag and absolutely one of my favorites. i have a few of her marie antoinette pieces scattered around and they really keep the inspiration flowing.

these books are on my night stand. a go to when i can't sleep or just need a bit of eye candy.

i found this laying on one of the mister's bookshelves and if memory serves, we drank this bottle during the holidays. it was very good, needless to say...

this is MY bookshelf in the studio. well, one of them, anyway.
as you can see, i read a lot of mysteries. i haven't read all of those elizabeth peters or anne perry books, but i am sure i will one day. always good to have things on hand, just in case.

these little hats just make me smile!

my good friend, ande, makes me mixed tapes to listen to while i work.
these are some of my favorites. i miss mixed tapes, don't you?
although i do luh-uv my ipod....

since we have these two curious, hyper active kitties, we aren't really able to keep cherished collectibles out and about. everything you see here is locked safely in a teak armoir.

so, i guess that's the tour for today. sometimes you spend so much time looking at things, you forget to see them...

i will leave you with another shot of some new pieces headed out tomorrow:

i loved these so much i tried to keep them. the mister wouldn't have it! he keeps me focused, no doubt about it!

well, i'm hungry and tired of painting, so i think i'm gonna go see what i can do with these:

have a great evening, everybody!!



TheBlakkDuchess said...

Oooo! I love tours of your house! =D
And yay for goodie bags!!! ^-^

Thanks for thoughts & hugs. It means a lot to both Britt & me. ^-^

I'm so happy you're able to sell at Plum! They'll be a hit, I'm sure! ^-^

Hope you're having a good day! ^-^


Christina J. said...

That was a very nice tour! :) I love the direction your work is taking. I can see all the things that inspire you in them.

Christina J. said...

Thanks for the comment on my jewelry display. :) I accidentally deleted it when moderating the comments. Oops!