Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tinkering on a tuesday afternoon...

where has today gone...?
it has flown by sooooo fast.
i just finished up two pieces i sculpted over the weekend:

meet madame belda of the cirque du orleans.
she is the most famously beautiful bearded lady to ever grace the carnival circuit.

and oh, devil may care...
i wonder what mischief she's brewing up?

and here's a big ole group of pixie sticks which i am still working on.
i am not sure these are going to make it into the production line.
but, i am probably just angry because i twinged my wrist trying to get one of the dowels into mademoiselle marie over there...
i will think on it over night and make a decision tomorrow.

patches is sitting here beside me and she wanted me to tell everyone hello!
she's such a sweet girl..

always keeps mama company while she works...

so, that's that on this lovely tuesday!

have a happy day!



TheBlakkDuchess said...


Ahem. Pardon my shouting... But I simply adore them! =D

Patches looks like the best little helper ever... My kitties like to LAY on whatever I'm trying to do... this is an issue when I'm painting... o_O

Have a lovely evening! ^-^

Christina J. said...

Love the bearded lady! Your pieces seem much happier now that you are following your muse.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Your pieces DO seem happier! ^-^

Thanks for dropping by & looking at my JiJ pages! And thank you for the good vibes too. =D The gold page seems to be the current fav... lol... ^-^

I worked a bit (a very wee bit...) on my doll the other day... and my good idea I had in the store I suddenly HATED... So I pulled the pieces apart, wiped off the glue & have gone back to contemplating... Hmmmm... We shall see what they want to be...

And for the record, I ADORE your Pixie Sticks. I think they're just the best thing EVER. ^-^
Your art in general just makes me happy when I look at it. So I thank you for sharing it! =D

Have an awesome day! ^-^


Lois Moon said...

These pixie stick are fantastic. I love the expressions and the finish you've given the paint. They look like long lost treasures. Also, they totally remind me of the gourd masks you find along La Frontera and in Mexico. This site has great pics of exactly what it says.

Patches looks like quite the inscrutable kitty. She has such beautiful eyes.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

You totally just made my afternoon! What a wonderful surprise to come home from math class to!!! You are beyond generous & I would love & be honored to be the new home of a Pixie Stick! Especially a dia de los meurtos one. =D

I hope you have a wonderful vacation because you deserve it! :D

Here's my address for when you get back:

Annalee DeBoer
3510 Northwest Ave. Apt. 8
Bellingham,WA 98225

Going to go dance around a bit more & water my plants now. ^-^
Have a good day! =D

imaginationlane said...

I've had a wonderful time reading through your posts, Amber! You are a woman of great style, I must say! I love your sculptures..the bearded Madame Belda..the tattooed lady, (I have four tats of my own). They each have their own personality. Quite remarkable...

And thanks for stopping by my blog..it is lovely indeed when things come together easily. I look forward to seeing more of your girls. Speaking of which, your Patches looks a lot like my Zoe, and seems to be just as sweet..