Sunday, July 25, 2010

movies and mania...

 i am starting to feel like i do nothing but work.
i live in my little studio --- and it's getting worse.
i feel guilty when i'm not in there working....

i realized this morning that i give it 7 days a week. taking a break to see a movie yesterday was a big deal. we have a newly renovated independent film theatre downtown where you can get a drinky-poo and order real food from the kitchen and have it brought out to your slide over table while you sit in some pretty comfy leather high back seats. it is muy expensive, but man!!! what a treat. the mr. and i went to see THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, as steig larsson's books are some of our faves. we had a good time, and it was great to get out of the house...but i felt a little guilty that i wasn't working.

but, i suppose i won't get anywhere if i don't try, right?!?

anyhoo... here's few more things i've been working on this weekend:

tattoo lady bust
i really enjoyed working on this one. i see some things i could have done differently, and i will on the next one. it's all about practice.

dia de los muertos figure. tiny.
i love her flaming heart.

marie antoinette blocks.
for the queen in all of us!!!
i may not be able to part with these. wonder if the mr. would notice if they suddenly took up space on his book shelves...?

and last, but not least, some wand-toppers in the works. i still haven't come up with a name for these silly things. i want sooooo badly to call them pixie sticks, but i know i can't. my friend, laurie is helping me come up with something catchy, but it's taking us a while.

don't know how i feel about the mica on marie yet...will have to sleep on that one, i suppose.

so, that's my weekend update.

i hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a great week ahead!




Lidia said...

Love, love, love the new work. The expressions on their faces are wonderful!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

What wondrous things you create!!! I love the little dia de los muertos bust... I'm rather obsessed with sugar skulls & it's quite possibly my favorite holiday (next to Halloween of course!)

Why on earth can't you call them Pixie Sticks??? I think that would be a supremely wonderful name! =D