Thursday, July 29, 2010

a little anxiety and some kitten pics...

so, here i am, dragging arse this morning. i think i am (trying) to fight off the bug that mr. b has had this week. it is very very importante that i do so, as we are leaving on sunday for a week long vacation in new york city.
i do not want to be sick.
at all.

some of you may know this about me and some of you may not... but i am terribly terribly terribly afraid to fly. i do it, occasionally - because i love to travel and visit new places - but getting on a plane usually takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude and prescription drugs.

i do not like to take prescription drugs. every time i go to the doctor and they ask me what prescriptions i am taking and i respond with "none" they always look at me as if i have grown a third eye.

but, desperate times call for desperate measures...and i have a lovely little bottle of xanex with my name on it ready for sunday.
i took adivan (spelling?) the last two times we flew somewhere and all it did for me was make me throw up. for hours after we landed i was still sick to my stomach. hope the xanex is better.
it would also be nice if it actually CALMED ME DOWN seeing as the adivan did not do that either...

there is one other thing i dislike about travelling though... i hate leaving mah kittehs in the care of others. i always miss them desperately whenever we are away and i worry about them even though we always manage to secure a friend to look in on them.

i am already starting to feel the anxiety of leaving and it's only thursday, so i thought if i talked about it some here, it might help....

and i thought i would share some pictures of patches and cash, each taken around the time we brought them home to live with us:

patches was 10 weeks old when we got here. she was so tiny!!! but a rascal even then!

cash was just a little over 6 months old when he came to live with us. he had lived in a cage at the purr pad for most of his life. i have no idea how he became the sweetie that he is. mr. b and i joke all the time that patches could have used some more time in a cage to help her personality! ha ha!

anyway... that's my story this morning. starting to feel the jitters and trying to fight off this cold.

i guess i better get up and at em...lots to do today...

have a good one!



TheBlakkDuchess said...

I sympathize with your distaste for flying. I'm not such a fan either. My partner has a xanex prescription & it works pretty well. It tends to make her fall asleep, but it just relaxes me and eases my anxiety. Good luck with flying out on Sunday, take some echinacea pills or tea to fortify your immune system & give your kitties extra snuggles for when you're away. ^-^

Have a great vacation & have lots of fun! ^-^


Lois Moon said...

I used to react just the way you do and I still do not like to fly. I've got a Georgia to Washington state flight in a week and my stomach is already fluttering. One thing that really helped me (besides prescription drugs) was to count backwards from 100 while breathing slowly. I would do this in the airport while waiting for planes and it took the level of anxiety down a couple of notches. I still didn't like it, but I wasn't dry heaving in the bathroom.
I feel for you. Buena suerte and have a ton of fun in NY.

Lidia said...

Have a wonderful time in NYC. That should be a really fun and inspiring week. Good luck with the flying. I use to love to fly but lately it just irritates me to no end. cash and patches will miss you but they'll be fine.

ITSCCChaneey. said...

-super cute pictures!