Thursday, June 10, 2010

home again, home again...

well, i have returned from my little vacay to see the parental units. we had a very lovely visit but i am exhausted from the drive home. sleeeeeep!!!

i grew up in - and my folks still live - in rural southwest georgia. i prefer to call it the middle of nowhere. so, needless to say, the visit was quiet.

i did manage to do a little junking while i was there...something i am still relatively new to. i picked up some goodies to use in the show i am doing in october, and i got a million ideas...just didn't have enough moola to purchase all the wonderful items i came across.

i am going to get to work dolls and jewelry to show you very very soon....

but i will leave you with some pics from my day of junking in georgia:

have a great rest of the week!




Christina J. said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love looking for treasures in shops in other states.

Lois Moon said...

I found your blog through SandFibers...and when I scrolled down and saw your visit to the middle of nowhere, I had to comment. Yeah, I'm here in Quitman, GA which I lovingly call 18 miles from the middle of nowhere. I believe I've been in those junk shops you visited. While you were in GA I was visiting my parents in my hometown near Cleveland, OH. I'm always looking for other beaders in my area in order to share ideas. Know any in South Ga or North FLA?