Monday, June 7, 2010

for my friends, followers, & legitimate readers...

hola everyone!

i wanted to take a moment and give a huge big ole thank you to everyone of the folks who follow this little blog and also a shout out to the legitimate readers. you all make my day when you leave comments for me ... i love comments!!! and your feedback always helps me with the questions i am dealing with - be it artistic, food related, etc. i love posting here. this blog is a great joy to me, as are the other blogs i follow and read.

i see the blogosphere as a beautiful entity. i have met soooooo many wonderful artists/crafters, free thinkers, and like minded lovely individuals since i started blogging and posting on flickr. living in a time of global community just makes me so happy. i have friends in japan, israel, the uk...all over really. and i consider many of the people i have met online to be dear friends...even though i don't even know what many of you look like.

being a part of this global, artistic community is something i truly savor. it makes me so happy to be surrounded and supported by other artists...since i only have a few friends in nola who are artists i appreciate being able to meet people via the internet who have the same interests that i do!

that being said, i must tell you this morning that i am a little freaked out by the amount of spam i woke up to this morning on my little blog here. i have several theories as to where this is coming from...but have not been able to verify them just yet. i know that in the grand scheme of things, this is no biggie, but boy, it sure is aggravating. you wake up, check your email and see that you have many more comments on your latest post than you normally have and initially you think "yippee! i am reaching like minded individuals who want to interact!" what a great feeling. realize you are being bombarded with XXX sites or "blogs" that are just links to other sites selling something. your bubble bursts real quick like.

i mean, honestly... what about my site says " i like busty asian beauties"? not much, i don't think.

although i did use the word boobs in my last post...hmmm... something else to think on...

so, i got a comment from a website a few days ago telling me i was listed as "an interviewees favorite blog" and asking me to fill out a form to be interviewed for this blog which seemed to feature blogs that could be voted on for favorite blog. it seemed legit, but i just don't know. i am on vacation at the moment and have only briefly looked at this site, not having the time to see if it is legitimate or not, nor having time to fill out a questionnaire. but, ever sense i got this note, i have been getting ALL KINDS OF SPAM here on my little blog. connection? i am thinking yes...even though i haven't filled anything out. hmmmm?....if anyone has any info on this sort of thing, i would love to hear about it.

i also checked my google analytics this morning and boy!!! my number of views direct from google has tripled. i can't find anything about my blog on their site, but it does make a gal wonder if maybe this has something to do with it...or did facebook sell my info to somebody? who knows. i guess i never will know for sure.

if you read or follow this blog you know that i have my comment moderation set up to try to combat this sort of thing. i know it's a pain in the ass to leave a comment for me, and i truly truly truly appreciate each and every one of you who jump through those hoops to tell me you are reading and identify with what i have to say. i am really and truly surprised that a spammer would go through the trouble. one of them even had the audacity to follow me...sorry, blocked.

it makes me sad that this is happening. again, really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but annoying none the less. i also realize that putting myself out there like this opens me up to this sort of thing, but i'll be damned if i will let it stop me. but i am gonna gripe about it! :)

so, i just wanted to give a big thank you and a global hug to everyone out there who legitimately reads my two cents here and to those who take the time to comment. it means the world to me to know there are people out there like me - who appreciate art/craft, good food, fun costumes, and who struggle from time to time with their day jobs and wondering if their work is good enough to put out in the world for profit. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

so, with that said, i am going to get back to my vacation --  i can't wait to share the great pics i took in the junk shops i've been hitting while visiting the parental units.

i hope that everyone has a wonderful day and a wonderful week!

and thank you again for taking this journey with me.




Trishia said...

Amber, in the last couple of weeks, I have gotten my first 2 spam comments [I've only been blogging since January]. Strangely, they were on posts that were quite old -- so not sure on why. Anyway, I don't know if it's a sign that we're coming up in the world for the spammers to notice us or not!ha! I kinda feel sorry for people who make a living spamming. Emphasis on the 'kinda.' Well, commiseration aside, have a great vacation!

Cheryl Valadez said...

I hear you! In the past, I have had folks post links to porn sites in my comments on my blog and it is very aggravating. It doesn't happen often, but like you said, it is extremely annoying and even more unnerving. What do these people have to gain with this stuff? Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your art, and I hope a few bad apples don't ruin it for the rest of us ;D