Thursday, May 20, 2010

where bloggers create and a partial doll body...

okay, so i thought about it overnight and have decided not to post pics of my new clean work space at this time... because i am going to a part of where bloggers create on june 19th and there's no point loading them up now and then doing so again in june! so, if you wanna take a peek at where i work, drop by on the 19th and not only check out my space, but about 300 other work spaces by all variety of creative ladies.
karen at my desert cottage is putting the event on for the second year running and i was lucky enough to find out about it when i picked up the newest where women create magazine last week. i am a total junkie for looking at other people's creative spaces so you know i'll be blog hopping all day long!

i will, however share a few pics of a few things i started last night:

everything is in the beginning phase. still lots of shaping, painting, etc to be done.

the pic on the bottom here, with the two figures features my first attempt at making part of a body for these dolls. i was a little scared, but really... why be scared? so i just jumped in and started. i have another doll started as well, but she did not feel like being photographed this morning. she's not a morning person.

i am not really a very good planner. and i am a terrible sketcher. i used to draw real pretty like, but i am about 20 years out of practice. so i just start with a general idea and then let the piece basically tell me what it wants to be.

take that figure there with the one arm... it wants to be a zombie. so a zombie it shall be. same with the little mouse girl. and so forth and so on.

hopefully i will finish painting the other 3 pieces i worked on this morning and they will be up soon.

have a great day everyone!




Pattee said...

That's what I do also.. the ideas just come to me I don't sketch the idea.. but I do doodle! : )

I love the faces you create and good for you just going for it on the body!!!

Is this paper clay or polymer?

Good luck`
Pattee~: )

Amber Leilani said...

hey pattee,

i have been using paper clay - but i am wondering if i might be able to get better detail with polymer...what about you? any recommendations?