Wednesday, May 5, 2010

goodbye, uncle festers - hello summer!

jazz fest if behind us.

 i know, i know... it's good for the city, good for the merchants, etc.
but i bloody well hate it. all those folks descending on mah city... you can't get a cab, you can't get a reservation, you can barely get a drink, and on saturday night ( for mr. b's birthday) you couldn't hear ani difranco at tips. have some respect for the artist you idiots.

grrrrr... uncle festers.

but, it's all over now and the slow, lazy days of summer are upon us. yay!
i love me some southern summer in the big sleazy, i must say.
the smell of the sweet olives. the green of the city after a rain.
oh, and yeah... no crowds.

i guess that makes me sound like a grouch, but it's how i feel.
new orleans is one big party from october through may and damnit, by june, i'm tired. or if you speak loretta lynn, like i do - tard.

and right now, all i want to do is sit in my little corner of the world and create.
which is what i have been doing for the last 3 weeks or so. sorry i've been absent, but instead of getting up and blogging in the morning over my coffee, i've been hitting the studio before i go to work.

i've been experimenting with a number of different techniques and mediums. i have a growing number of little collage pieces piling up and for the last few days i have become obsessed with learning to sculpt with the paper clay i've been toying with for a few months. and i mean obsessed. scarey obsessed.

last night i started work on these little wall hangings. i thought it would give me a chance to work on my noses and lips without having to worry about the body of the figure. so i practiced, practiced, practiced. i am not sure where they are going next, but i do suppose eyeballs would be the logical choice.

eventually i want to make art dolls and figures for my shadow boxes. and to be completely honest with you, i feel that i have finally found what i want to was like something just clicked the day i discovered ART DOLL QUARTERLY. you know, jewelry is nice, but it never really lit me on fire like disovering sculpture, mixed media, and collage has. the possibilities are endless. there is so much room for self expression and the opportunity to tap into my creepy imagination.  every day feels like a new day, full of potential.

so, that's what's up in my little corner of the universe. i hope that all is well in yours, too.

 i hope to have some more pictures to share with you tomorrow. i started painting my conjoined twins figure this morning and am chomping at the bit to work on them tonight.

thank you all for joining me on this creative journey. i can't wait to see where it takes me!



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Stagger Lee said...

I feel your pain. In all my years in Washington DC, six and a half summers all told, nothing - not terrorism, not snipers, not drought nor blizzard nor cicadas nor Steve Spurrier- NOTHING was as much a daily grind on the soul as the constant menace of international and domestic tourism.