Wednesday, May 19, 2010

getting serious about playing....

hola dear folks!

i've been soooo busy cleaning and organizing my studio this past weekend, that i have not had a chance to craft much. of course, cleaning and organizing is crafting to some extent? right?

mr. b and i moved in to our little 2 bedroom abode last july - about the time i was laid off from my job. i spent july setting up the house and the studio and then returned to work in august. in september we finally cleaned out our storage unit and after 2 months clutter free, we were living in what i like to refer to as "box land" again. and we have been ever since... and most of it has been in the back room where i keep my little work space.

well, after stumbling over and around ladders, boxes of books, papers, heaters, cat toys and all the crap i've been accumulating for my mixed media pieces, i finally decided to tackle the back room on sunday ( after returning from the mother of all yard sales where i got, i am not kidding you, about $300 worth of inks, stamps, wrapping paper, ribbon, and a storage unit for all my paper for $70). i had to find a place for that paper storage unit... so the cleaning began.

i did pull a muscle in my lower back, but by golly, i got it clean.

and now i can't work.

just kidding. sorta.

truthfully, i did spend a lot of time yesterday just sitting at the table in the studio admiring the clean carpet and lack of clutter. it's still not the gorgeous, inspirational retreat that i see in my head, but it's getting there. slowly....

the room is still pretty small for all of the work i do and i sure wish sometimes that i had a door on this room to keep the kitties out, but it serves it's purpose: a place for me to create without having to listen to ESPN. and we all know how very important that is!

mr. b has requested to share the space with me and i did clean off half of the table for him, but we both know that he knows that i consider that to be my studio - my sanctum sanctorum -  and i doubt very seriously that he will spend much time back there... see the ESPN comment above. i am going to give him 2 months and if he doesn't claim his space, i'm totally taking it. hee hee hee.

of course, now that i am organized in this little corner of my life, i thought that maybe i ought to get serious and more organized in the actual making, marketing, and selling of my work. so, as i was sitting there staring at the carpet yesterday, i had some thoughts...

first off, i have decided to re open my ETSY shop. i will be loading up new jewelry over the coming weeks and i have decided to stop being afraid of putting the mixed media pieces and sculptures out there, so they are going to be available as well. just a jumbled mess of arty goodness. tee hee!

i am very excited about putting new work out in the universe. i don't really use my shop to sell ( weird, i know) but to just have a place to show my work. still, it feels good to be getting it up and running again.

so many things have changed in my life in this last year... you know some of them of course ( job, wrist injury, big birthday, new hobbies) but maybe what you don't know is that i've gotten to a place where i don't feel that i need to prove myself to anyone for any reason. for the first time in my life, i am comfortable. with me. i don't feel that i need to jump through hoops. and i am here to tell you, that is a truly empowering feeling. i feel that i am on the right path and i am just letting it take me where it wants to go. and it's ready for me to put my shizzle out there. for sale. screeech!

i have some other ideas and plans in the works, but it is all too early to share at this point. but, i will when i can. you know i will.

i will post new pics soon of the new, clean work area... had some problems with le computer this morning and it appears that the norton anti virus update i downloaded yesterday is interfering with my camera whenever i try to upload photos. but, i think i can just install the card into the computer ( it worked this morning) and hopefully the problem will be remedied.




Boot ~C said...

jumbled messes of arty goodness are one of my favorite things!now, if I could just get bitten by the cleaning bug

Annette Piper said...

LOL, I'm with you. I tend to work in chaos so when I clean up I just look around and go "right" admire how neat and tidy it all is, then go and do something else in another part of the house. Eventually a few things land on a few other things and I can work again!

FiberBeads said...

Nice article! I am finding that garage sales can be a great way to supplement a collection of very creative resources. I also agree with you about space and having that unconditionally happy spot no matter what else is happening in your life.Thanks for a great read.

Amber Leilani said...

i actually got some work done last night... but i do spend a lot of time just admiring the fact that i am not tripping over or around boxes. and i can actually sit on the floor and play with the kittehs... they love the carpet in that room ( i hate it, but you can't have everything!)