Sunday, May 9, 2010

fresh from the studio

well, it took me most of the day, but here are the results of two of the faces i started last week:

meet lizette the lizard girl and deedee von teufel

they belong to leilani and fisk's travelling curiosities - one of the great american sideshows

lizette is very scaley, but don't let her appearance frighten you...

dee dee is the one you should be afraid of...

lizette is very shy and a sweet and gentle soul

to be quite honest, i am not sure how i feel about how they turned out.
i suppose that for a first try, they are pretty good.
but, the learning curve is wearing on me. i want to work faster and better and i am just not there yet.
i am definitely no lateefah wright, that's for sure.
but, progress is progress... and tomorrow i shall stain the twins and finish monsieur lavender....
i will enjoy myself and that is really what counts!


Lidia said...

I'm loving how your creepy faces are turning out. Lots of personality and soul. I can tell you're enjoying this.

Gloria said...

Hi. I think DeeDee and Lizette turned out great for a first time. You did real good. Next one's will be better. Yay for you! Have a great week.