Thursday, May 6, 2010

a big ole mess of paint, pen, pencil, and clay...

well, i didn't get much painting in last night, and i surely didn't do enough to warrant taking a picture of the twins.
i am sooooo easily distracted. and out of practice. after 2 beers i came home and took a nap. so sad.

but, i did get a little work done. mostly, i feel like all i do is make a mess...

these guys didn't get their eyeballs. maybe tonight.... who knows!?

this fella here, turned out far better than even i had hoped. disregard the crappy head wrap. that was an experiment gone horribly awry. the wrap didn't work nor did the paint. but, the face turned out pretty much as i had hoped it would. i used white paint instead of flesh, because i want my pieces to look old and creepy. i painted the lips and used graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and felt tip pen on the eye. i almost got the look i was going for. now i have a feeling for how those mediums work on the paper clay, so i can refine my style. i just don't hold a brush steady enough to paint the eyes on. much more comfortable with a pencil and pen in hand. weird, but true.

after all the painting and coloring was done, i applied a crackle medium and rubbed black paint into it.
i was very happy with it. much better with the black on white than the brown on flesh tone i had originally envisioned.
i can't wait to finish painting the sisters and crackle them. that's my favorite part.
i don't think i have enough time this morning to do much, but i'm gonna try...
see ya later!


Cheryl Valadez said...

Oooohhh!! This is fantastic! Can't wait to see the others when they're finished! I love the way the eye turned out and the crackle is very cool. I even like the wrap, it really emphasis the eye. Wow!

Trishia said...

Amber, glad you came out of the studio to blog a bit and share. I'm not usually into 'creepy' but I love your creepy! To see those white blobs come alive with character is most amazing. I have no desire to sculpt myself, but it's like Grandma's quilts -- you don't have to be a quilter to love the art, appreciate it, drool, wanna touch it and be touched by it. As I may have told you before, I lived in Texas for 30+ years. Not as at peace with the South as you are, but when you say 'tard,' I hear ya'!:)

Pattee said...

I love this head!