Friday, April 16, 2010

some kitteh love for you on friday

so, i woke up around 2:30 this morning with cash tucked up under one arm, purring up a storm, like a living breathing teddy bear and patches curled up around my feet doing the same thing.

i lay in the dark thinking how very lucky i am to have such unconditional love in my life ( ok, i know. i feed the darn things, so maybe it's not wholly unconditional, but you get my point).

i was also awake enough to think back on a conversation i had had earlier that day with an aquaintance of mine who stopped by the store for a little visit. we talked a lot about how, as you get older, you have less time for BS and negativity--a subject that has been on mind a lot lately. she chalked it up to the realization that you only have so much time left, and you want to make it count. hmmmm.... we also talked about embracing every day to the fullest. about not taking anything for granted. and i threw in my little kernel of knowledge on how much having pets has changed my outlook and my mood - because when you come home from where ever you've been, and a little furry bundle of love meets you at the door ( in our case, purring and giving massive doses of buddy bumps), it really does just melt away the outside world.

i've said it once, and i will say it again a thousand times over.... my favorite place in the whole world is HOME- with mr. b and the kittehs.

so, happy friday everyone! here's some kitteh love to start your weekend... can you hear the purring? i know you can!

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Annette Piper said...

It is wonderful how much contentment animals can bring to your life!