Thursday, April 1, 2010

back to my regularly scheduled life...


i'm DONE with jury duty! i've got my certificate saying i did my time and they can't call me again for 2 YEARS!!!

whooooo hooooo!

that WAS a harrowing experience.

i actually served on a jury. just one. but it was enough to scare the bejaysus outta me. if you thought i was scared of cops ( especially the NOPD) before, by golly i am TERRIFIED of them now. but that's another story for another time. i will tell you we found the defendant not guilty and we all shook our heads that the DA even took that thing to trial. it felt amazing to give an innocent man his freedom...

but, back to my regularly scheduled life....

i've actually been in a bit of a funk since being cut loose from jury duty. i think all the stress just wore me down. i walked around in a haze of sadness yesterday, and for part of the day before. i hope that i get my you - know - what together today.  i have things to attend to, you know.

i've been working in the studio a little at a time over the last few weeks.

jewelry is just slow going right now. honestly, i'm just not that interested in making any. i am SOOOOOOOO NOT inspired by anything i look at. even the anthropologie catalog did not lend any inspiration this week.

but, i have been working on my shadow boxes and on my paper clay figures. there is PLENTY of inspiration there. too much, actually. it's hard for me to focus sometimes. i'm all over the place.

i gesso canvas and boxes. while they dry i cut paper. when i tire of that i grab the paints and paint faces on my paper clay figures. while that is drying, i make more paper clay figures.

i am working in a pretty tiny space, so i have to move around a lot. i have to put things on the shelves so that the kitties won't get to them. it's a constant re arranging of stuff. but that's the way things go, so that's what i do.

i have to tell you, i think i am on the right path here. i am more inspired than i have been in a very very very long time. i have a vision and i have a goal. and i am working very hard to achieve both. and i am enjoying the process.

i've never sculpted anything a day in my life, but i am finding the paper clay very easy to work with and very forgiving. you can add to it once it is dry - and that means you can layer over something you effed up the day before. acrylics just bond to it so well. i am not the best painter on the planet, and i find that working in 3-d is a little difficult, but i assume that like with everything else, practice will make it easier and my technique better.

and, no, i don't think i will give up jewelry entirely. i  have to assume that my jewelry muse will come back some day. but, i will not force her. i have plenty of other muses to work with until then...


Annette Piper said...

The creative muse hasn't left you Amber, just taken a different direction for a little while! There's no use forcing her, she will do as she will!!

I love the shadow boxes and figures :)

Christina J. said...

Love the paper crafts. Maybe you should combine the paper crafts and jewelry in some way...? :)


Oh gosh ... you have so much talent! ... all you need to do is start and the rest will come naturally :)