Friday, March 5, 2010

a little something to share

it's about 9am on friday morning. patches is curled up beside me and we are both putting off my going to work this morning.

i have my first week of jury duty behind me. 7 more days to go. i actually made it into the courtroom for the jury selection process yesterday, but they dismissed me right off the bat. yay!

it's still pretty damn chilly here. i have been trying to work a bit in the studio, but the going has been slow.

last night i glued cabs to ultrasuede. i like to work in an assembly line fashion so that i can not only have my pick of things to work on, but i pretty much always have something to do.

i spent most of last week making this shadow box for my good friend, ande. i hope she likes it. it's just a plain old chipboard shadow box, but i had fun with it. i have all these ideas for shadow boxes, paper theatres, and whimsical sculptures, but i have to remind myself to work slowly and not rush.

it's my first box, and i realize i have a lot to learn, but i think i am on the right path. and i know i will enjoy the journey.

i hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!

have a good one!



Cheryl Valadez said...

I am a big fan of Frida and Dia de los Muertos so your shadow box is right up my alley! It's just fabulous and you have done Frida proud ;D

Vintage and Cake said...

I love this, I am a uber huge fan of Frida K and love anything day of the dead. Really kooky love it xxxx

Anonymous said...

I found your blog very nice. I like the way you work with images anda colours.
I like Frida Kahlo.