Monday, March 22, 2010

inside and out

i told you last week that i have had some trouble finding my happy place due to my jury duty sentence. well, i've been trying very hard not to dwell on the idiocy of this antiquated system and the stupidity of our justice system and concentrate on making things and enjoying the (evidently brief, as it is in the 50's again today) springtime weather in our beautiful, decaying city.

so, here are a few new cards fresh from le studio and some pics i took in the marigny last weekend.
think of it as my own little art bubble...

this card turned out to be the inspiration for a series of paper dolls i am working on now. some of them will be incorporated into shadow boxes and other assemblage pieces. some will just be the dolls themselves. i thought she turned out pretty well. can't wait to show the other pieces to you.

a lovely marie antoinette image which is one of my favorites. i don't feel that she is finished yet, but i haven't decided what else she eneds....

cracks in the meeting of two buildings in the marigny. i find beauty in the most unexpected things.

i wonder how long those mardi gras beads have been up there?
house in the bend of bourbon.

oh, i just love the colors here. hadn't noticed this house before... wonder if it's a new paintjob?!

so, that's all the news that's fit to print on this gloomy monday. supposedly, the nice, 70 degree weather is supposed to return tomorrow....

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Frosted Petunias said...

Came back for a visit and saw your post on shotgun houses. I looove these. I think they're just beautiful. You're so lucky to live in that enchanted city! Oh and your cards are gorgeous!