Thursday, March 18, 2010

i have to get this off my chest...

it's waaaaay too early for a flaky artist like me to be awake!
but, alas, today is my 6th day of jury duty and i have to check in at the time i am usually rousing myself from sleep.

i have to tell you, the longer i am in this pool. the longer i sit there. waiting. i want to pretty much kill someone.
it should be illegal the way they run this thing.
9 days of sitting with 400 other folks in a tiny room with no food and some severly uncomfortable chairs.
i can't bring my scissors or exacto knife in.
 i feel like i am the one in prison.
and it just goes on and on and on....

i'll never get this time back from my life. i'll never get a do over from this imprisonment.
and everytime the call 50 names to go upstairs to be hearded around like cattle, we all hold our breath.

so, here i am again. up and cramming coffee into my gut like it was the last drop of water in the desert, hoping that by the time i check in a the court house, i will be less homicidal...

this is, of course, where i would rawther be...

sitting in my sunny studio, working on the myriad of projects that i have going.

or hey, maybe being at work...


that would be nice. to be loosing hundreds of dollars this month so some judge can call my fat ass upstairs and have me sit there for 15 minutes only to come back and tell me i'm not needed... that they have come to an agreement with the accused.

but, you don't really want to hear about all of this
i know.
but i can't help it. i need to vent.

alas, i am running late for this dreaded stupidity.

i must away...

here is a happy image to hopefully make up for all my ranting:

hope that you all have a happy, bright day!

ps... keep your fingers crossed that i don't get called, picked, or otherwise bothered and that, unlike the last 3 days when i rolled out of there after 3pm, that we can all go home by noon and the day is not a total and complete waste....


Lidia said...

Hope you didn't get called. With the total waste of time jury duty is for everyone it's a wonder they haven't found a better system yet.

W.C.Camp said...

You will probably enjoy it if they pick you, but the waiting that is the truly unfair part, especially for small shops or single proprietorships.

Maybe take a laptop and work on your blog or website? If they don't yet, eventually courts should offer guest wi-fi!

Hang in there. - W.C.C.

Agneta said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds