Thursday, February 18, 2010

pink and longing for spring

an atc card i made just before mardi gras. i used a character constructions stamp and images from itkupilli and cemerony. the card is bristol board which i painted with gouche and then outlined with watercolor oil pastel.
i think i am so clever! ha!ha!

i am feeling a little better this morning - as mr. b pointed out - i sounded less clogged when i gave patches what not for waking me up this morning by walking on me. but, to be quite honest, i wish i could stay home one more day and maybe get some pendants made and some stamps mounted. alas, bills must be paid.

the weather is supposed to start warming up this weekend and i can think of no one happier about that than yours truly. i have been eyeballing my cotton skirts and flip flops with greed. maybe one day soon...
the japanes magnolias have started to bloom:
which usually means spring is not too far off. i am ready to get out and about and take some pictures with my (fairly) new camera. maybe by the weekend? fingers crossed....


silver lockets said...

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Christina J. said...

It's so nice to see pictures of flowers and nicer weather on your blog. Right now I look out the window and see white, frozen tundra. It's snowing at the moment and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to go shovel.

Your card is also very pretty. In early March I am going with a friend to a paper gift card holder class. I'm looking forward to doing something new.