Tuesday, February 2, 2010

paper collage - attempt #2

well, looking back, that wasn't much of a post yesterday regarding all our weekend festivities. to tell you the truth, i was exhausted and little bit snarky. all i wanted was to be left alone. i even turned down a trip to michael's because i just could not stand to be on a schedule yesterday.

instead of working on my superbowl costume - which i will have to do on thursday - i did laundry, dishes, and putzed around with my paper products. the first half of the day was a bust. i wanted SOOOOOO badly to make something - anything - that i was moving too fast and was unfocused and i pretty much effed up everything i touched.

i took a break around 3 to run an errand and got focused. i came back to the studio and did a much better job exploring a technique i had been interested in trying. if the pieces don't look too bad when i look at them again tonight, pictures will follow.

i hit the mother of all digital collage sheet sales on etsy last week and loaded up. it gave me a lot to play with.

after my debacle yesterday - and then rebound - i realized that i as much as i thought i would like collage - i really like stamping better - and i think i am better at it. of course, the trick is to combine both techniques, and for that, i am still learning.

so, for today i will show you some cards i made with the collage sheets i bought. the bottom 3 have been given away. the top one is still up for grabs.

valentine collage

bombshell card

parisian beauty card

monster bombshell card

and, finally, i went by the ogden to drop of more postcards on saturday ( the staff bought everything i took them the first time around) and was able to get a little pic of the display they have out for my work.
 pretty nifty, huh?

i realize that this is all so new to me - the paper crafting business - i really have no idea what i am doing. i never really intended to sell anything, but folks liked it enough to ask, so i thought i would try it.
i also realize i am a better jewelry artist than paper artitist, but it is something i love and i will continue to explore.
but not now. now i have to get to work....


Michelle said...

I know how those days go. Better to not force the creative spirit. Your work is still really beautiful!

Terri Gordon said...

Love your work, it is really beautiful. Thanks for all the lovely comments on flickr.