Monday, February 22, 2010

breathing deeply

ahhhh... monday. the most dreaded of all days!

yes, that means that i have to work today - it's normally my day off - but with all the time off i had for mardi gras and my impending jury duty imprisonment, i figured i better grab as many hours as i can. of course, that is not helping the ever growing pile of laundry or dishes i didn't get to yesterday...

i am trying very hard these days not just freak the hell out because of jury duty. i keep telling myself - i'll catch up on my reading - but i have been counting down the days like it was a prison sentence. i keep trying to get all my ducks in row - just in case. of course, you know i won't because i am the world's worst procastinator, but it's nice to think i will just the same. deep breaths. whatever happens will happen.

i've been working on a few new things this week:

the red one is a special order for lorin, but the other 3 will be available at GOGO in about a week or so.

and here are a few things i started before mardi gras:

i guess i better get motoring. want to stop by the stationer before i head in to work.
have a good day, everyone!

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