Wednesday, February 17, 2010

all on a mardi gras day... well, everyone but me that is

so, today is ash wednesday. if you're catholic, that's the beginning of lent.
if your just one of the thousands who show up to party with the city of new orleans for mardi gras - today is your hangover day.
for me, it's a day off work and a day of rest after being sick most of the weekend and all of mardi gras day.  i have been in bed with my cats. sleeping. and watching hulu.
 yes, you heard me correctly.
i missed mardi gras.
kind of.
i was just feeling too poorly to go to the quarter and marigny to costume, so mr. b and i walked the 10 blocks or so from our house down to st. charles ave. to watch Rex parade by on mardi gras morning.
it was actually my first time ever seeing Rex.
here are some pics i took which i thought i would share:

since this was not the day that we had planned, i was very sad and almost cried that morning as i was trying to get dressed. but, i thought about my darling marie antoinette film by sophia coppola and reminded myself:
"you are not what was desired, but you are no less dear to me"
so, i sucked it up and tried to enjoy myself and make the best of a bad situation.
and i did. i actually enjoyed myself. experiencing something new is always a joy, i think, and this was a first for me, so i tried my best to take it all in and love it for what it was.
and, i have to tell you, mr. b really hung in there. i know he wanted to be in the quarter with the rest of the revelers and i commend him for standing by me and staying uptown with me even though i know he didn't want to. he says he also didn't go because his costume did not materialize - which i think is true. but, the fact that he did stay with me made me love him even more than i already do.
it has really upset me that i have been sick 3 times since the middle of december - i NEVER get sick - but i swear to you that if one more person suggests i see a doctor, i am going to kick them in the teeth.
i am sick because it has been cold here. i am not used to the cold. therefore i am eating to keep warm. that means fried food and pizza. not good.
i also have been going like a house a '(fire since january - i had a cold for the first playoff game - but i went anyway and sat in a stadium of 70,000 people and screamed and yelled for the saints.
i wasn't over that cold when i went out for the second playoff game to a smokey bar and drank until 3 in the morning.
then i went out for krewe du vieux (30 degrees), the saints superbowl win ( till 3am), the saints super krewe ( 30 degrees), and even though i was feeling crappy sunday, i went to laura's thoth party and walked the 40 blocks or so back to napoleon where i stuck it out long enough to see drew brees reign in baccus.
i might've over done it a bit.
i'm not as young, or in as good of shape as i used to be.
so, thanks for all the opinions ( have you been to a doctor? wuss. suck it up. it's not that cold. come out with us. it's not that cold. wuss. etc. etc. etc.)
to be honest, i am exhausted and i don't want to see or talk to anyone for about a week.
i want to sleep, watch tv, and if it warms up, play with the pile of supplies that arrived over the weekend.
i have been working on myself and the way i live my life fairly steadily over the last year. really taking stock of what i have, what i want, and what is important to me. and learning to just accept things for what they are and enjoy every second of every day.
i am even trying to not let the upcoming jury duty i have to endure bother me.
i'll catch up on my reading.
i have been taking care of my mind and heart, but not my body.
it's time to take care of that as well.
some of you may have noticed that i have made some changes here at this blog - which is very important to me. i love being here and writing and i love all of you who stop by to check out my little world.
i wanted to include more of my life here in new orleans as well as my newest pursuits of paper crafting, collage, and hopefully mixed media art.
those changes which i am making here, i am trying to also make in my every day life.
to live more vivaciously. add more whimsy to what i do. enjoy. every. minute.
and even though i have not felt 100% the last few days, i have tried with everything i have in me to enjoy whatever it was i was doing and not think that just because it wasn't what i planned, that it was a waste.
i am also really really really in touch now with how much creating means to me. next to mr. b, it is the singular most important thing in my life. i would be lost without it.
and as i continue to grow and change and try to make the best life possible for myself (and for the mr.), i hope that those closest to me can understand, support,  and respect this.
and i promise to take better care of myself.
when it warms up!
so, sorry for the ramble, but this is what has been on my mind as i lie here and try to mend my body.
well, that and wonedering if there is any pizza left...

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