Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what a weekend!

WOW! what a weekend we have had here in NOLA!!

in case you've been living under a rock, the saints, after (finally) hitting a field goal against the vikings in overtime,  are the NFC champions and on their way to their first EVER superbowl!

the entire city went insane, starting pretty early sunday morning and continuing on into late yesterday.

mr. b and i were minding our own beeswax sunday - getting ready for the game and taking care of house hold duties - when all of a sudden, an impromptu saints second line starts marching down our street!  needless to say, we grabbed the camera and away we went. we did turn off the oven and lock the door, but that was about it.

they went all the way to the dome (we live uptown)  but we marched as far as washington with them before we had to turn around and go home to get ready for the game ourselves.

at some point on st. charles ave. i actually started to tear up at so much love for this city and for getting to be a part of something as amazing as that parade.

anyway...here are some highlights from the second line that i thought you might enjoy:

mr. b strikes a pose in his who dat gear as we walk down amelia toward magazine.

who dat fan feels the music!

the queen of the second line

who dat neighbors come out to show their support

a member of the youngest who dat nation

second line dancers on st. charles ave.

feeling the love for a great city and a great team!

so, i've been working on lots of new stuff and will have pics of new pendants, valentines, and mardi gras collage cards later this week!

WHO DAT,! y'all!

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