Monday, January 11, 2010

we're just not used to this down here

ok, i know the rest of the country is blanketed under 80 million feet of snow and my dear friend, atilio reminded me that it was -9 in st. louis last week, but here in the big sleazy, we are just NOT used to temps in the 20's. we don't like it. we don't want it. we don't need it. and we live here to AVOID it. thank you very kindly.

so, with that said, let me i am effing COLD!!!!  also let me tell you that at casa de moi, we have no central heating or air. see, in new orleans, we like our houses old and drafty. that is, until it's cold. then we get mad.

the last week at our place has seen all 4 of us huddled around the one gas heater we have in the bedroom. the cats just perch on the mantel above it soaking up the 90+ degrees that thing gives off in that location. all the way on the other side of the room ( where yours truly gets her beauty rest) it's a balmy 50 degrees. if i'm lucky. i wonder if the mantel would hold me?

so, needless to say, every living thing at our house has gone butt ass crazy the last few days. we're cold. we're pissed, and much like my friend niki was with her dogs this weekend - she's in the same predicament we are - we are eyeballing each other as if we were tauntaun's on the planet hoth, trying to figure out who is the biggest and would keep us the warmest.

my studio is about 30 degrees and is sealed off from the bedroom by the classic college student curtain of old blankets. i am not going to share that picture with you.

but, here are some photos i took this weekend showing just how insane everyone has gone:

patches WAAAAY up high on the kitchen cabinets -- be careful, patches...

trying to keep warm in the highest part of the kitchen

yeah, you're allowed up there... sure.

running water is sooooo much more exciting that the still water in my bowl - WHICH IS ON THE FLOOR! WHERE YOU BELONG.

i finally just gave up last night and let them do whatever they wanted. no one listens to me anyway. : )

and just before cash jumped up on the kitchen island and mauled my newly coffee stained papers ( if anyone wants cash's autograph, i have a postcard with his tiny little paw print on it, ready to go!) i finished these which i thought i would share:

zombie paper doll for niki

vintage cowgirl and tattoo gift tags

ah, paris....

big bowl of tags and cards ( some mardi gras ones in there too, new orleans folks) at GoGo Jewelry on magazine street.

well, thanks for looking and listening to me rant about my furbabies. i also have a bracelet to alter, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

i'm going to get warm!


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