Sunday, January 17, 2010

victory is saweeeet (aka my only sports post evah)

yesterday was the playoff game between the new orleans saints and the arizona cardinals. now, i lived in arizona for a few years, but my loyalties lie with the saints. mr. b's dad scored some sweet seats for us, i got the day off work, and away we went to the dome....

sorry cardinals fans. but not really.

everyone in this house is a saints fan, whether they like it or not...

brunch of champions

mr. b and me and some pretty sweet seats to the playoff game yesterday. we never miss a chance to dress up in the big easy

monsieur pitt on the sidelines pre game

we actually took this during the holidays, but it's the only good pic i have of my shockey shirt

mah boo shockey. did i mention how good our seats were? mr. b  finally took the camera away from me!

hope y'all enjoyed these. we had such a great time yesterday. and me with my second cold this season ( which has never happened  EVER in my life). but, i hung in there ( thanks to a lot of ibuprofen and bloody marys) and we just had a blast. of course, it didn't hurt that we spanked the cardinals like they were little girls....



Lidia said...

Love your hat! Glad you had fun!

Lynn said...

Of course your kitty is a Saints fan- just look at his (her?) coat! Purr-fect