Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

happy happy new year everyone!

wow! 2010!
i can remember when 1988 seemed like a gajillion years away.
my how time flies.

as most of the country is winding down from the holidays, we here in the crescent city will be gearing up for mardi gras. january 6th is twelfth night and the beginning of the carnival season. yay!

last year may have been a trying year on many levels, but it also had some beautiful moments too.
the fella, his folks, and i took a trip to portland and the oregon coast.

it was really a lovely trip, and i can't say thank you enough the b's for including me.

we spent several days in portland then drove out to the wine country

and then went over to the coast for a night.
 being an 80's child and a die hard GOONIE'S
fan, i have to tell you that even stepping in the pacific accidentally could not dampen my glee at seeing haystack rock....

i would have to say that this trip was by and far the high light of 2009. well, that and getting my own studio...

i have no idea what 2010 will bring, but i hope that it will be beautiful, calm, healthy, happy, adventurous, and shiny.
oh, yeah, and glittery. very glittery.
for everyone.

happy new year!!!

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