Sunday, January 24, 2010

an early sunday

it's pretty darn early to be up on a sunday morning, but i have a lot to do today.

first off, i have been asked to put my paper tags, post cards, and cards in the gift shop at the odgen museum of southern art. i have had my jewelry in there before, but it didn't sell, so we'll see how the paper products do. i have to have a pretty good bit of stuff ready to deliver on monday.

the second thing i have to do is watch the saints playoff game tonight.

 mr. b is taking a friend of ours - yes, i gave up my ticket so the guys can have some man time - and i am probably going to dos jefes to watch the game with some friends.

if the saints win and we go to the super bowl, this entire city is going to go crazy and i can tell you right now, i will be one hungover puppy tomorrow.

so i better get busy today!



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