Monday, January 18, 2010

contagiously crafting

 i feel like ass today.
i have my second cold this season - WHICH NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS - and i just feel yucky.
but, i am going to use the fact that i am contagious as an excuse to be left alone and craft today.
heee heee heee.  smiles to self...

i have been working on some valentine tags and cards. i will have to make a trip to the outside world today ( if the place i want to go is open ) to get ribbon for these lovelies. but, that shouldn't be too hard as the fabric store i plan to hit has vintage ribbons and trims and such. i will pay out the wahzoo, but i bet i come home with some beautiful finds.

i did get  ribbon on friday to complete my mardi gras flag centerpieces. they came out great, if i do say so myself. i will take pics today and post tomorrow.

and.... i am giving some serious thought to tackling the bead table today. yeah, i know, brave words.
 but, i rummaged  through my cabochons over the weekend and i have some pretty cool stuff just waiting to be brought to life. so, i guess i better get to work...

happy martin luther king day, everyone!

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