Tuesday, January 19, 2010

as promised - flags and new pendants

i was a busy little beaver yesterday.
 it has been FAR TOO LONG since i had a day off to just CREATE. it felt glorious. but, honestly, i got a little weirded out at one point because i felt like i was forgetting something - like working or doing laundry. but, yesterday was all mine and i did with it what i wanted to: to bead and take pictures.

as promised, here are some pics of the mardi gras centerpieces i have been working on:

i cut and coffee stained bristol board for the flag part. mod podged it to the dowel ( the design is on both sides). then i aged the edges with tim holtz antique photo distressed ink. the crown is hand stamped ( cavalini stamps) and then a little vintage german glass glitter is added to the points. i glued a 4mm rhinestone to the top of the dowell just for a little sparkle and tied the whole thing off with purple, green, and gold ribbon.

so far i have only made 11 of these - because i meant to make 12 and can't count, obviously.
 but i am planning on making more. they are just too much fun, and quite pretty, i think.

i originally envisioned 3 to a centerpiece, but they really look better if it's just 2 of them in a champagne glass or small vase.

after taking pics of the paper stuff, i finally got up the nerve to open my beading table.
this is what i found. boy, did i leave it in a mess way back in the fall!

but i also found this gorgeous pendant i started. the cab is actually vintage plastic. i know. i know. the color is so rich, but that's the truth. i sewed some citrine to the tops of the embroidery and am thinking it would look mahvelous strung on 2 beaded citrine chains.

and finally, here are 2 pendants i started yesterday. once i got going, i couldn't stop, and i am planning on beading most of the day today as well. i have been forbidden to come to work with my cold  for one more day, and i am going to use it to my advantage.

i had forgotten how much i enjoy making jewelry.

and having a day off!!!


Lynn said...

Looks like the flu bug has turned into the beading bug! Gorgeous gorgeous work :)

Christina J. said...

Lovely! Sounds like a great way to spend your time off!

Anonymous said...

how do i go about getting one of your flags?! Love beka