Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what i've been up to while my wrist heals....

vintage style gift tags.
tea stained, hand stamped, with german silver glitter.

i was amazed to find out how important it is for me to create something...anything. the minute i knew i couldn't make jewelry - i started looking for a new way to creatively amuse myself. and ladies and gentlemen we have... rubber stamping! ha!

i knew i would be out of commission for a week or so, but i had no idea it would be this long. with the exception of lengthening a bracelet a customer purchased from me and the failed attempt (see back in splint) on monday to make stuff for high gloss, i haven't touched a bead in over a month.

in all honesty i am seriously considering laying down on the floor and crying. i feel like my wrist is NEVER going to get better. and i am going to miss the holiday sales i so badly need.

but, i now have a new hobby to keep me occupied in some respect, i guess.

fingers crossed i will be back at the bench in a few weeks.

until then, i hope all my friends are enjoying the paper products i keep dumping on their doorsteps!!! :)

there's more to come, ladies....i gotta do something with all this stuff i've made. heh heh heh....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a few long overdue pictures

my wrist is finally out of the splint and feeling stronger by the day.
since i haven't been able to bead i have been working on some other creative interests, and i finally took a few shots of the new pendants that are at GoGo now. they pics were pretty much on the fly, but i think they turned out ok.
i will post more in the coming week.
off to other pursuits tonight...