Sunday, June 21, 2009

copy right theft is wrong, damnit. stop bloody doing it!!! now!!!!!

yet another copyright violation of a talented, original artists work.

please check out her post and comment. show your support.

i have had my own designs "altered" over the years and have been too scared, lazy, etc to do anything about it.

but we all have to stand up for our original designs.

thanks for sharing this post, carol dean. i know you've had more than your fair share of copyright theft.

original artists unite!!!!

Bead-Mused: Bitchy, Vindictive Me Who Does Not Want To Play Nice

Saturday, June 13, 2009

home again home again

well, we are back from our little vay-cay to see the parental units and go to j's 20th high school reunion. fun! i know it wasn't' MY reunion, but i had a helluva good time! met some really nice folks and did some shopping at anthropologie. *love*

i can't believe how much barbeque and fried food i ate. i had trouble buttoning my new pants this morning. but, just let me be honest... i would walk across hot coals for fried dill pickles. yes ma'am. hello!!

this morning was the first decent cup of coffee i have had since leaving b'ham.
my folks think maxwell house is good to the last drop. yuuuccchhhh. and i'm not sure they've even heard of half and half. but the biscuits were good!

now we really have to buckle down and pack for the move.

this lovely view from my work bench is no more. i have already packed up all of my inspiration wall. so sad. i have nothing pretty to look at anymore. just boxes.

but, i don't want to pack up my supplies just yet as i am ITCHING to work on SOMETHING - ANYTHING!!!!

i wasn't able to bead while i was home - my parents are smokers and i just can't have that smell lingering on my bead work or anything else, for that matter - but i started a small crewel piece while in b'ham that i have been wanting to work on. i am still in the practice stage although i have moved on to linen twill. i will post pics as i get more done.

i also bought a book on bead weaving - which i never do! ha!

i am not sure that the techniques here lend themselves to my style, but i really want to try and learn something new - and hopefully be able to apply it to my own aesthetic.

i am really chomping at the bit to get started, but unfortunately lots of packing to do and a few social engagements to attend this weekend.

perhaps on monday i can take a break and MAKE SOMETHING!!!!