Wednesday, February 25, 2009

why i live in new orleans vol 1

11 mardi gras - 1st portapotty. never again, people. never again!

ellen and claudia

pork barrells and uncle sam

yum... hell's chicken

hell's chicken

beelzabubba and his beelza-baby

rob, diallo, and beelzabubba

bloody mary at pirate's alley

rebirth brass band - yes, this is someone's house!

shannon and robert dance to rebirth

rolled oaks after tucks

rough night, shannon?

robert and his duckies

muses shoes

the lights came on

do you ever have those moment when an idea hits you and you think
"WOW! why did i never think of that before?"

lying in bed after the parades friday night i had that moment.

it was if every light in the house came on.

i have been struggling with my art for months now. the doubt about whether my
work is good enough to be taken seriously- whether i am good enough to be taken seriously as an artist with very little formal training; the tug of war between paying the bills, cleaning the house, and having enough time to make things. it's all been getting to me in a big big way. i think i just shut down.

then - POOF! my muse came swinging back into my life in a big way friday night.

i was soooo sleepy i didn't get up to sketch the new ideas and i just knew i would forget them - disappearing into the dream mist come morning, but that didn't happen. and i am sooooooo greatful.

now that mardi gras is over, i must begin my new adventure.

a new sketchbook was located this morning.
watercolors dug out of the drawer.
colored pencils sharpened.
embroidery hoop unpacked.
the beads still need to be rearranged.

but i think i am ready to take my work to the next level.

ideas swirl as i type.

i still have to clean the house and wash the laundry, but from now on i am going to approach that as time to dream about all the projects to come... and make each day as creative as i can.....

make each day a work of art.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's that time of year, folks

this is the only decent picture i got of krewe du vieux on saturday night.


i did not have a very good spot to view the parade, and i guess trying to hold a drink and take pictures at the same time just isn't a good idea.
of the decent shots i got, they are not suitable for this blog.
it was a very very very raunchy parade this year. much more so than normal, as you can probably guess by the title float above.

anyway... i will, more than likely, be absent from here for the next few weeks.
i made the decision on friday night to not do anything at all but have a good time until after mardi gras.
i just can't get anything done this time of year, so why stress myself out for nothing.

happy carnival everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

life, beads, and lurid parties

i really really really need to bead.
i need to stack sequins.
i need to blacken chain that has fabulous chunky faceted amethyst attached to it.
i really really really need to finish a pair of earrings. keeps getting in the way.

so, at my "real" job this week, i had my hours cut.
it didn't seem like a lot until i did the math.
and, instead of just giving me a whole day off - which would have been the polite thing to do - i am to take an hour off here and an hour off there
until it adds up to almost a full day.
there are so many things wrong with that, i can't even begin to start griping.

anyway... i thought that would mean more time to make jewelry in the mornings,
but so far this week all i have managed is a fight with my cat over who was going to clip her nails ( not me anymore, i can tell you that RIGHT NOW!), the loading of the dishwasher, and the changing of the kitty litter. oh, and a run to the bank.

fun is.

i am hoping that tonight and tomorrow morning will see the completion of a new pair of woven earrings i have been making por moi as well as several other new sets to sell on etsy - gawd, how my shop suffers.

this weekend we have KREWE DU VIEUX ( yes, i will be posting all the lurid pictures) and i have like, 3 parties to go to on sunday.

maybe by monday i will be sober enough to work....