Thursday, October 15, 2009

beads-perles interview with yours truly

a few days ago i was contacted through flickr to do an interview for a lovely blog dedicated to beading called beads-perles.
click on the title to go to the interview. i usually ramble a bit, but tried to keep things concise this time.
and, yes that's me in my lovely cree mccree hat during mardi gras last year.
i totally needed to have on some make up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

updates and decisions

well, i guess i've been away for a while.

this wrist thing really took a WHOLE lot longer than i could ever have imagined.
it's just been this week that i can type without pain.

so, cheers!!! here i am!!! whoo hoo!!!

and now for an update... it appears that i not only pulled a tendon in my wrist but i also very probably dislocated it. how? i have no idea. but i can tell you it hurt like hell the day i popped it back in.

so, i've been in a splint off and on for over a month. i have been pushing myself to heal and pushing myself to bead, and neither one has been happening. i have a doctor's appointment on monday and i hope the "prognosis" is good. i feel pretty good. better than i have in over a month.

and i've been doing a little beading.

unfortunately, i had to make the call i had been dreading today - to high gloss in houston and tell them that this season was a no-go for me. after several days of long thought, inner turmoil, and a very long distance talk with the mr. ( who is in germany on business) i decided that i just can't make the amount of work needed to fill two venues this season. so i chose to fill the venue that i actually work at, and tell high gloss that i would like to sit this season out.

it was hard to do.

but i did it.

quality over quantity.

i have also been struggling with the fact that all the funky, bold, 80's inspired pieces i worked sooooooooo hard on this summer ( and thought were my best, most innovative work to date ), are just not speaking to the masses. so, i've had to take a few steps back - or to the side - and look at my work, what i want it to say, and what my customers want. so, after mucho guidance from friends and peers i am going back to doing the flat, square stitch pendants as well as utilizing my color palette a bit more. i am also going to change up my bead embroidery to make it more shiny, more color rich, and more wearable.

i got it in my head that i needed to pick a color palette and stick to it. not deviate. ever. and i think i beaded myself into a corner.

a friend of mine told me ever so constructively yesterday that not only do i need to start thinking outside the box, but i need to chuck the box out altogether.

well said.

so, i have some new cabs coming next week, and in the meantime i am going to pull out all those colors i stopped using last year, and re think them as well as my pendant patterns.

truth is, i got it in my head ( see a pattern here? ) that no one appreciated my work and it didn't sell well because it was flat. so many of the beaders i know are working three dimensionally that i thought it made me less of an artist that i work flat. yeah, i know. i'm my own worse enemy.

so, hopefully i will be able to start freeing myself up a bit, bead wise. experiment more with color. start improvising a bit more. and even go back and look at what i was doing 10 years ago. those are the pieces that get the biggest response when i wear them, even to this day.

so,here's to throwing out the box, throwing caution to the wind, and to getting back on the horse.

and healing.

and beading.