Wednesday, July 22, 2009

waiting on the glue to dry

i've been at the work table for about 5 hours now - pushing myself to finish 3 more pendants for the show on saturday. truthfully, i have more than enough product to take with me - but the new pieces are important to me and i wanted to have a nice showing of them.

i think i might be obsessed with bead embroidery. i'm not sure. but i think i am.

so i thought i would pop in here while i am waiting on the glue to dry and share with you THE MOST BEAUTIFUL print that i received in the mail this week:

vanessa over at A FANCIFUL TWIST painted this beautiful portrait of frida kahlo a while back and i just fell in love with it. i had the rare (for me) opportunity to see frida's work in person last august while in san francisco and as she is my favorite painter, i knew i had to have a print once vanessa put them in her shop.

you can read all about the painting and the process here.

i have been collecting prints for about a year now - all with interesting words or sayings on them - to make a collage out of over our bed, and now frida will be added to that wall.

actually and honestly - nothing is framed yet - but i am hoping to start this weekend and get some art hung before i am too old to enjoy it! i can see the wall over our bed from my work bench, so i think that is the best place for my lovely collection. you can never have enough inspiration or words of encouragement!

so, that's what's going on here today. guess i will go and see if my glue is dry.

pics tomorrow if the sun shines.

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