Wednesday, July 15, 2009

catching my breath and hitting my stride

this last week has been a whirlwind of studio activity and more unpacking.
i've had to deal with a lot of unpleasant daily duties out in the "real world" that i had to smile and endure in order to make the most out of my studio time.

we had a little wine tasting party last night - i know - on a tuesday! and several of our close friends were able to come over. needless to say, i'm dragging a bit this morning!

i bought some fresh spray roses that made me soooo happy. i never buy fresh flowers so it was a real treat. evidently, patches thought they were a treat too:

i've been working on some new bracelet designs for fall, took some of my vintage glass pieces to a great used bookstore that also carries jewelry and stuff on consignment, and got the bails in for the embroidery pendants which i will finish and photograph, hopefully today.

my dear friend, niki has encouraged me to move in a different direction with my work - a direction i am giving some serious consideration to. it would take my work in an amazing direction and be soooooo totally different from what i've been doing. experiments will start soon, i am sure.

and a humongous thank you to everyone for the positive response to my gouache pieces! it's so amazing to have positive feedback on something i am just starting to experiment with. and a special thank you to kim creagan who is an amazing artist i discovered on etsy one day while poking around the forums. your encouragement really means a lot

here's another one i have been playing around with. the pattern is actually a combination of two patterns from two different pieces of vintage fabric:

and with that i will leave you with two of my favorite pics from this week:

aren't they just the cutest kitties ever?! yeah, i think so too!


Anonymous said...

i want to come over and drink wine and steal your art!

Lidia said...

Your studio looks wonderful, the roses are beautiful but the two new kitty pics are just simply the best. Lidia