Thursday, May 28, 2009

my life this week

this last week has been pretty busy for me.

i have been trying to finish the pieces for the arts council benefit. i ended up having problems with my hand and didn't get as much done as i wanted to. and, i only made one new piece for it - the gold pendant at the bottom of the column. the other pieces are ones i had already in back stock or repeats of designs i just made and put in the etsy shop last week.

on tuesday night, the termites in new orleans decided to swarm. always a nuisance, but this year, pretty fun to watch as the cats went INSANE trying to catch them all. cash was especially diligent and sat by the front door most of the evening just waiting, watching, and pouncing.

the biggest news i have this week is that we are moving at the end of june. we have wanted a bigger place for a while, and we are paying out the wazoo for storage, so it made sense to bite the bullet and try to find a bigger apartment with some storage. we found that place last week - and it is actually the rental side of our friend steve's new house. it's in a neighborhood i have never lived in, but the apartment is really cute - dark moulding around the doors, pocket doors b/w the kitchen and living room, claw foot tub, mantels in every room, and a studio/work space that j and i will share. also a front porch and a back deck that steve said he would not mind sharing with us - since we are his friends. so, although it is going to be majorly stressful to pack all of our clutter and move, i am looking forward to clearing some of that clutter and re-decorating with some of the art work i have been collecting this year and maybe some of my own.

here are some pics of what has been going on:

more experiments with gouache. this one was really fun to paint. but i am not sure it's finished yet...

new VERY short pixie hair cut. it's a little short, but it will look perfect in about a week.

the great termite swarm of '09. i think the kittehs got all of them by the end of the night.

new 24kt gold plated inverted teardrop pendant. the one new piece i made for the arts council benefit this friday. it was dreary the day i finished it and i was in a hurry, so i did not get a chance to photograph it properly. it is really something on. very large and dramatic


SarahKelley said...

Love the hair cut Amber!

Carol Dean said...

Love the new hair!

Love the new pendant!

Love the description of the new place!

Love the new paintings (these would be great on fabric!!!)!

hmmm...oh, love you! :D

Christina J. said...

I agree; the haircut is really cute!

I had no idea that termites swarm. Actually, I didn't even know they could fly.

Love the gold pendant!