Sunday, May 31, 2009

and the packing begins...

well, i have to start somewhere, so it might as well be today. now that all my jewelry and volunteer commitments are behind me, it's time to start packing for our move. it's going to be a beast...

we have soooo much stuff. i keep looking around wondering where to start. it's just overwhelming. but, i love moving. i love clearing out and de cluttering and starting over in a new, sparkly clean space. new homes for all my beloved treasures. to me, that is a little slice of heaven.
so, i guess i better get cracking. i'm thinking closet, dressers, and knick knacks today. leave the easy part - the books for last.
oh, and my beading of course. that and the dishes will be the last thing to be boxed up.
a girl has to have her priorities straight, you know!

we have more books than most libraries. i am going to leave most of that packing to j since they are pretty much mostly his.
i started on some of mine, but i left this box full of charlaine harris' sookie stackhouse novels open because i know i will want to re-read them even though i keep thinking i won't...

little trinkets all over the house to be packed up.

patches is ready to go!

my dia de los muertos collection, small though it may be is very special to me. the bride and groom were purchased in tucson, the little boxes j gave me when we first started dating, the elf in the background was a gift from mrs. carnes, my new landlord's mom, and the bobble head is a throw from a mardi gras parade.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my life this week

this last week has been pretty busy for me.

i have been trying to finish the pieces for the arts council benefit. i ended up having problems with my hand and didn't get as much done as i wanted to. and, i only made one new piece for it - the gold pendant at the bottom of the column. the other pieces are ones i had already in back stock or repeats of designs i just made and put in the etsy shop last week.

on tuesday night, the termites in new orleans decided to swarm. always a nuisance, but this year, pretty fun to watch as the cats went INSANE trying to catch them all. cash was especially diligent and sat by the front door most of the evening just waiting, watching, and pouncing.

the biggest news i have this week is that we are moving at the end of june. we have wanted a bigger place for a while, and we are paying out the wazoo for storage, so it made sense to bite the bullet and try to find a bigger apartment with some storage. we found that place last week - and it is actually the rental side of our friend steve's new house. it's in a neighborhood i have never lived in, but the apartment is really cute - dark moulding around the doors, pocket doors b/w the kitchen and living room, claw foot tub, mantels in every room, and a studio/work space that j and i will share. also a front porch and a back deck that steve said he would not mind sharing with us - since we are his friends. so, although it is going to be majorly stressful to pack all of our clutter and move, i am looking forward to clearing some of that clutter and re-decorating with some of the art work i have been collecting this year and maybe some of my own.

here are some pics of what has been going on:

more experiments with gouache. this one was really fun to paint. but i am not sure it's finished yet...

new VERY short pixie hair cut. it's a little short, but it will look perfect in about a week.

the great termite swarm of '09. i think the kittehs got all of them by the end of the night.

new 24kt gold plated inverted teardrop pendant. the one new piece i made for the arts council benefit this friday. it was dreary the day i finished it and i was in a hurry, so i did not get a chance to photograph it properly. it is really something on. very large and dramatic

Saturday, May 16, 2009

living good

i wanted to show you a pair of earrings from jill over at liv'n good jewelry.
jill is also a member of the southeastern us team and is well known for her gorgeous chainmaille jewelry.
i saw these faboo earrings on flickr a while back, and while they are too long for my short neck, i still admire them greatly.
and while poking around on jill's blog this afternoon i discovered that she is also a sookie stackhouse fan.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a fanciful twist

many of you may (or may not) know that in my mid 20's i spent two years living in tucson, arizona. fresh out of college and with nothing remotely on my plate, i left the state (georgia) i had lived in my whole life and moved to a city where i only knew one person.

it was amazing.

when i left arizona and moved back to the south, i literally cried every day for over 6 months, knowing i had made a terrible mistake in moving back, and also knowing my father would kill me if i turned around and moved back out west after he had helped drive me back "home" across 6 states.

so, i never moved back to tucson, although i greatly wanted to. and for lack of anything better to do, i moved to new orleans and have been here for 12 years.

a few months ago i was poking around on flickr, looking for photos of tucson and i thought it would fun to see if there were any of tolteca tlacuilo, the import store where i worked while living in tucson.

((eddie gallego's shop, tolteca tlacuilo located in old town artisans in tucson, arizona))

what i found was much more that just a few pics of eddie's shop.
i found a blog so full of creativity, positivity, and inspiration, that i just had to share it with you today.

i am talking about A FANCIFUL TWIST, the gorgeous and upbeat blog by vanessa valencia, who is one of the most amazingly talented and creative artists i have ever come across.

miniature tea set

the curious playroom - land of enchantment

vanessa posts not only about her whimsical, beautiful,and vibrant work - there is nothing she can't make gorgeous,i promise you - but she also shares snippets of her world on the lush acreage she lives and works on in arizona.

the gypsy garden

a fanciful studio

i try to read at least a post a day from A FANCIFUL TWIST. there is just something about the way vanessa approaches life that is completely infectious. she seems to grasp every opportunity to make every second impassioned, carefree, joyful, creative, fun,and loved.

i hope that you will all take the time to go check out her blog and her etsy store. i am totally saving up my pennies for one of her pieces, which she adds to the shop very regularly. she usually sells out of her dolls as soon as they are listed, so you have to act faster than i have been able to!

i may never move back to tucson ( the better half just doesn't like the desert) but i can make every day i live - wherever that is - the best and most bountiful day that it can be.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

natalie's booth at jazz fest

a few shots of my friend, natalie's booth at jazz fest this year.
it was her first year at the contemporary crafts booth.
she did very well, her booth looked amazing, and her work is just beautiful.
we're all so proud of you, natalie!
you go girl!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

green with envy

this lovely, lovely necklace is by marie-michelle of mademoisellem.
i saw this necklace this morning on her blog and had one of those
"damn, i wish i had thought of that!" moments.
i love the way the chain is hooked to the circular pendant.
and you all know i love a cluster waterfall of shiny goodies.
how do you so green with envy in french...?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

another watercolor

another small watercolor i did on monday.
soooooo relaxing.
it is nice to take a break from beading just to something that flows.
i had forgotten how much fun it is to paint.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

front page!

my vintage sequin pendant made the front page of smashing darling this morning and my shope is listed as a "chic boutique"!!!!
what a completely amazing start to the day!

Monday, May 4, 2009


i spent most of the late morning and early afternoon trying to perfect my square stitch technique. i have noticed that my last few pendants were just not up to snuff.
i hate trying to re-learn something. it just ticks me off.
so after massive burnout i decided to play around with some watercolor cards i bought a while back.
turned out pretty funky.
funky is good.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

magical muse oh come sit on my shoulder... i have s*** to do!

i have goh-at to get motivated!
i have not done doodly squat for over a week and it's not like i don't have deadlines looming.
i have agreed ( been invited?) to participate in a fundraiser for the louisiana art works portion of the arts council of new orleans at the end of may. i am supposed to be bringing a dozen or so pieces which will be on sale that night -- with me getting a portion and a portion going to the arts council. i know it will be a good opportunity for me even if nothing sells, but can i get motivated to make work for it?
i am supposed to be shipping to high gloss this week.
i have a few things made but not nearly enough.
my muse just won't come.
it's my own fault though.
as i have mentioned several times, i have been dealing with a lot of anger, resentment, and frustration over the last year regarding my job and my jewelry business.
it seems i would rather wallow in self pity than work.
not good.
i have been reading a blog out of arizona that i find to be one of the most delightful and inspirational reads ever. i can't get enough of vanessa's energy and positive and creative attitude. i try to read something from there every day.
i am not much of a self help book kinda gal, so this works for me!
i get so bogged down in the dull day to day activity of my own boring existence that i continually fail to see that i am the only one who can make it magical.
truth be told, i don't think i allow myself to be creative and free enough.
what squashed the free flowing, gypsy like creativity.
oh, it was a job.
a stupid stupid job for stupid stupid people who simply did not like me because i was not "one of them".
translation - i don't come from money.
i left that job years ago and i work in a very laid back, creative, and tolerant(if not slightly dysfunctional)environment now.
so, why do i carry that baggage around?
because i gave it my all and not only was i stepped on, but i was squashed like a bug on the ground. ground into the dirt.
by whom?
no one who i care one iota about.
so, i think it's time to let that go and bring back the old amber.
everyone liked her better anyway.
i know i did.