Monday, April 13, 2009

good friends, good beadwork, goodies

sometimes i wonder what i do to deserve as good of friends as i have.
and i absolutely adore my beady friends.
it's good to have beady friends. personally, i think beaders are the best friends to have, because their eyes don't glaze over when you talk about BEADS!
my friend lidia is a master beader and blows my mind on a regular basis with her innovation and technique.
i was fortunate to receive, this weekend, several of lidia's beaded beads ( which i covet, let me tell you) and a whole stash of goodies she had put aside for me to use with my new found love, bead embroidery.
here is a sampling of lidia's work and some shots of my goodies!
thanks lidia! you're the best!!

lamp segments

beaded medallions

beaded easter eggs

beaded celtic knot.

goodies from my friend lidia. nail heads, charlottes, and a vintage cab.

beaded beads that lidia made for me.
she knows i can't make them, that's for sure!

new bead embroidery pendant using the nailheads lidia sent me.
i had already started this when they arrived, but they were the perfect match and just make the piece more polished. it was supposed to be twice the size it is, but after i sewed the nailheads on, it was finished!


Carol Dean said...

Such beautiful goodies she sent you :D Lidia is an amazing beader...and person.

Beaders really are the best, aren't they :D

Christina J. said...

Her work is amazing! I love the beaded Easter eggs. She sent you some lovely things!

Lidia said...

Hi Amber! Thanks for saying all those nice things about me and posting pics of my beady things! I'm blushing!! Glad you liked the goodies and that you already used some nailheads. Lidia