Saturday, March 7, 2009

something in common, something to think on

let me be frank.
i LOVE my blog.
i LOVE blogging. i would do it full time, if i could.

and i love reading the myriad of other blogs that i follow,
and finding a new one is always a thrill, especially if that blog not only inspires you creatively but also gives you something to think about.

that's how i felt after finding and reading the last two posts on the magical beadstalk's blog.

terry is a fellow beader, who, unlike yours truly actually has a real studio and makes a living off of her work. but, it seems she does have some trouble getting going some days(see her "not enough time in the day" post) and i can totally and completely relate to that! pretty much every monday i wonder where my day off to make jewelry went!?!

she also put up a beautiful post about nourishment in all it's many forms that left me sitting here - again - thinking that i really need to appreciate everything i have every day and treat each day like a work of art.

well, i guess i better go be creative and stop blogging....

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