Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a much needed break

i decided to take a much needed and deserved personal day off work today.
yesterday was my regular day off and i ran an errand and worked on some beaded pendants. watched some CSI and made dinner (which i never ever do).

today i am doing the laundry i didn't do yesterday, am hanging out with patches and working on my embroidery techniques. it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to hang out on the couch, watching HGTV and embroidering rather than being stuck at my work bench. it's definitely a nice change.

here's a little sampling of my day so far....

original sketch i am practicing with. i got tired of working just a sampler of various stitches, so i decided to lay down a sketch from my design journal and actually try to complete it. i bought some appleton wool yesterday

and have been working on this most of the morning. i see where i am making mistakes, but i am definitely learning.

these circles are HARD! but fun

i would be farther along with this project if i hadn't had to stop this morning and do this:

this is my work bench.
i had to put this tape (sticky side up of course) on top to keep patches off of it. although it is closed to keep all the goodness/dangerousness away from my little one, she has taken to jumping up on it and...

chewing the push pins that i keep all my inspirations pinned to the wall with, out of the wall and then batting them around. if i had been a little quicker on the uptake this morning, you could all watch a video on the push pin extraction as well as the tape reaction.

she jumped back up only twice since the tape went up and has been sitting in the window looking cute, intelligent, and innocent for the rest of the morning.


Christina J. said...

That's coming along very nicely! A little while ago I finally stained my embroidery hoop so I can frame my little beaded flower. Progress! Enjoy the rest of your day off!! :)

Carol Dean said...

What a wonderful (and successful!) day you are having, Amber :D Love all the wool and what you're doing with it.

SarahKelley said...

"Who me?" she seems to be asking!