Thursday, March 12, 2009

a birthday give a way

it's my birthday and i'll give away jewelry if i want to...

yes,you heard me correctly. today, instead of receiving gifts, i have decided to GIVE.

this is my first blog give a way, and i am as excited as i can be.

in fact, i have decided to give a way not one - but TWO pairs of earrings, to one lucky reader.

since we're not fancy schmancy over at the leilani household, this is how it'll go:

just leave a comment on this post - you can say anything, as long as it's nice, and on april 2nd ( we'll bypass april fool's day) i will let miss patches pick the winner. she's very fond of paper, so we'll do this the old fashioned way.

i have included pics below of the two pairs of earrings i would like for you to have.

the first pair is hand woven 22kt gold seed beads in what i am calling my deco diamond pattern. there is a small, faceted orange garnet at the bottom.

the second pair is part of my new vintage sequin line. there are silver 4mm sequins at the bottom and gold 3mm at the top.

i have attached photos of what they look like on the ears as well.

so, i hope that everyone will have a happy day today and i will announce the winner on april 2nd.


Lidia said...

Happy Birthday!!! If I let my cat, Elliot near paper, he's shred it or eat it. I think Miss Patches was brought up better than Elliot. Have a wonderful day! Lidia

Melody Marie Murray said...

Happy Birthday! It's very Hobbit-like to give others gifts on one's birthday. :-)

SarahKelley said...

I've always had cats and none of them have been interested in paper (unless you're counting paper bags and boxes and balls-- butnot plain paper) till now. We have two that eat books:(
Anyhow-- the sequin line is a great idea, but I *love* the woven gold earrings! Awesome idea!

Terry Spier-Kalmar said...

Happy Birthday Amber - I hope you are having a wonderful day and getting a chance to do exactly what you want - that's what should always happen on one's birthday.

Ken Smith said...

Happy Birthday once again. The deco diamond pattern with seed beads is warm and toasty looking! We really need to get together over coffee next time I am in New Orleans.

Christina J. said...

Hope you had a great birthday! :) I really like your new sequins line. It makes me want to play with sequins!

Last night I decided to stitch the flower from my recent post. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

TiLT said...

Happy Birthday!

Giveaways are so fun...and so are those earrings. *crosses fingers for a quick wish to win*

Love the shinies :)
Thanks for the chance at a win.

Wendy Romero/Bobs and Bits said...

Enter me please -- I've seen these in person! I'll put this out there on twitter for you too. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll -- guess it's time for me to make one of my own. : )

Penelope said...

erm, is it too late to enter the drawing (or as simon on the 70's pbs cartoon would say, "drawring")for the delicious earrings? tee hee! i wear something my amboo made almost every day and would never turn down a chance to wear another!

Carol Dean said...

I can't believe I didn't comment! Well, at least I didn't miss your birthday ;o hehe

Love both pair of these beauties!

shokufeh said...

These are beautiful. Belated happy birthday!