Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the lights came on

do you ever have those moment when an idea hits you and you think
"WOW! why did i never think of that before?"

lying in bed after the parades friday night i had that moment.

it was if every light in the house came on.

i have been struggling with my art for months now. the doubt about whether my
work is good enough to be taken seriously- whether i am good enough to be taken seriously as an artist with very little formal training; the tug of war between paying the bills, cleaning the house, and having enough time to make things. it's all been getting to me in a big big way. i think i just shut down.

then - POOF! my muse came swinging back into my life in a big way friday night.

i was soooo sleepy i didn't get up to sketch the new ideas and i just knew i would forget them - disappearing into the dream mist come morning, but that didn't happen. and i am sooooooo greatful.

now that mardi gras is over, i must begin my new adventure.

a new sketchbook was located this morning.
watercolors dug out of the drawer.
colored pencils sharpened.
embroidery hoop unpacked.
the beads still need to be rearranged.

but i think i am ready to take my work to the next level.

ideas swirl as i type.

i still have to clean the house and wash the laundry, but from now on i am going to approach that as time to dream about all the projects to come... and make each day as creative as i can.....

make each day a work of art.


Melody Marie Murray said...


Lidia said...

WOW!! Great news - sounds like a life changing event! Lidia

Carol Dean said...

This is the best thing I've read from you in a while! I'm so excited for you, Amber :D You go, Girl! lol