Thursday, February 5, 2009

life, beads, and lurid parties

i really really really need to bead.
i need to stack sequins.
i need to blacken chain that has fabulous chunky faceted amethyst attached to it.
i really really really need to finish a pair of earrings. keeps getting in the way.

so, at my "real" job this week, i had my hours cut.
it didn't seem like a lot until i did the math.
and, instead of just giving me a whole day off - which would have been the polite thing to do - i am to take an hour off here and an hour off there
until it adds up to almost a full day.
there are so many things wrong with that, i can't even begin to start griping.

anyway... i thought that would mean more time to make jewelry in the mornings,
but so far this week all i have managed is a fight with my cat over who was going to clip her nails ( not me anymore, i can tell you that RIGHT NOW!), the loading of the dishwasher, and the changing of the kitty litter. oh, and a run to the bank.

fun is.

i am hoping that tonight and tomorrow morning will see the completion of a new pair of woven earrings i have been making por moi as well as several other new sets to sell on etsy - gawd, how my shop suffers.

this weekend we have KREWE DU VIEUX ( yes, i will be posting all the lurid pictures) and i have like, 3 parties to go to on sunday.

maybe by monday i will be sober enough to work....

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Carol Dean said...

I just read your profile...MY SO CALLED LIFE...wasn't that one of the best shows EVER?!

blackened chain and chunky amethyst...I drool at just the thought. Want photos!!!

Sorry about your work situation. Can you ask for a day or two half days off instead of this piece-meal crap?? Good luck.