Monday, December 29, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

holiday thoughts and tidings

i am working today.

for all of you who are or have worked in the service industry... you know how much today stinks.

everyone else gets to be jolly and run last minute errands.
yours had to be done 2 days ago.

however, i am trying to focus on the positive.

like the caymus wine, the marinated olives,the 3 cheeses, and the caviar i am going to have tonight under the tree.

if the cat doesn't get to it first.

and i am already looking back on this year...

what i did right (huh...?)
what i did wrong (let's not dwell, shall we)
and what i hope to accomplish next year.

i don't have that list yet, and it is a list - i do not believe in resolutions. just goals. goals are always nice. rules, however are made to be broken.

here is my list from last year:

Be more creative in all aspects of my life
Buy handmade merchandise more and often
Worry less. Much, much less
Write real letters even if no one writes back
Practice my calligraphy and lettering techniques
Take more pictures
Exercise more/often
Be nicer/less grumpy/more positive
Appreciate what I have EVERYDAY
Experiment more, artistically
Start a scrapbook - not a cheezy one, either
Draw more in my journal
Put up work on Etsy and apply to
Take a printmaking class
Appreciate what I have EVERYDAY
Keep my bangs trimmed
Eat more sushi
Find representation in 10 more galleries/boutiques
Try new things more often
Stop being afraid
Drink more good wine
Eat less salt
Appreciate what I have EVERYDAY

i only managed to accomplish about 6 of them, and one involved wine. that one i nailed. again, it's good to have goals.

i will let you guess at the other 5...

happy holidays everyone!!!!