Friday, May 30, 2008

no class today

today is the 20th anniversary of me getting out of high school alive.
where have the last 20 years gone?
what have i done with that time?
so many things i haven't done - so many wonderful things i have.
it's all a bit surreal...
whenever i get depressed about it i just tell myself this...
i may have to go to work today, but at least i don't have to go to class!



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

marveen in miami

this pendant is one of my all time favorite designs.
i love the shape, the colors, and the black chain.
will be up on ETSY later this week.
have a few new things to add....

Friday, May 9, 2008

another treasury!

good grief, charlie brown! i have been feeling completely useless this week and extremely frustrated with my jewelry and jewelry sales(or lack thereof), and then lo and behold, my alternating blocks cuff shows up in TWO treasuries this week. i am still so blown away i can't think strait( country music fans?)

this one was put together by triz. i have to tell you i have been oogling her shop for quite a while. her wallflower bracelet has me in beady heaven!

and check out the people i am keeping company with here...sand fibers, noeasybead, jessicajane, time2cre8,and i think i am going to have to run over right now and check out which goose. amazing company. again, totally honored to be there!

so, i know i am tooting my own horn, here, but it's been a dork out of a week for me and i am being slowly reminded why i do all of this creative stuff... i have no choice. it is me and i am it. i couldn't stop even if i wanted to. and, believe me, i have tried.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

my first treasury

i was checking out carol's new photos of flickr yesterday when, much to my surprise, i saw my own little piece of beadery in the treasury above.
it was put together by regalbeads. i am still new to the etsy beadweavers team and am trying to get up the nerve to introduce myself, so just to be include here was an honor.

the treasury expires on saturday, so check it out if you have time.

i am pretty frustrated with etsy right now, so this a bright spot in an other wise listless week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


from dazeychic on etsy. just got it a few weeks ago. still no place too put it.

i will try not let a certain person bother me
not worry about my piss poor jewelry sales
concentrate on those i love
think happy thoughts

Monday, May 5, 2008

meeting my muse

well, i made it through another year at jazz fest. whew. it's over. thank goodness.
i am probably one of a hand full of people who actually HATES jazz fest. but, because of my day job i have to drag out there every year. and i hate it. HATE IT! this year, i had to go TWICE. and yesterday was a bloody nightmare. i have never seen so many people in one place in all my life! i can say three good things about yesterday:

1- it wasn't humid.
2-there were clean porto potties near the book tent
3-i met my muse, valerie hector

now, anyone who knows me knows i am a big ole nerd. i won't miss an episode of BSG or LOST ( i even planned my return to louisiana in 2005 so i would have a place to stay to see LOST). but if you really wanted a good look at slobbering adoration, you should have been with me yesterday when i got up the nerve to talk beads with valerie hector at the jazz fest contemporary crafts tents. it was quite a site. she is the reason i got into beading almost 15 years ago. she is my muse. and i am a slobbering bead groupie.

i mean, here i am, trying my darnedest to sell my pieces to galleries, boutiques, and etsy ( i am having serious doubts about that place at this point, but more on that later) and i really only have a good grasp of a few stitches that i have put all of my time and effort into because they suit the style i like and the pattern and color choices i have made. really, i have just been lazy over the last 10 years - i found a style that works for me and i perfected it and didn't bother to branch out.

i want to branch out now and i thank valerie for encouraging me to do so.

she was so nice to me it was unbelievable. i really didn't intend to hang out and talk to her. i really was just going to look, oh and ah and walk away. quietly. i didn't. i had to start talking and asking questions. and she was so nice to oblige me.

now, one of the things that has always scared me about putting my work out there is that someone will come along and steal my patterns and ideas and start making money off of them. i am very protective of my babies. i also see techniques and patterns that i would like to experiment with but i don't want to take someone else's idea either. i don't copy and i don't want anyone copying me. but i love love love finding inspiration in another artist's work. valerie really helped assuage my fears on this. she even told me that the techniques she employs are her variation of chinese beading patterns that have been around for thousands of years. very very impressive. she took something she liked and made it her own. there is a WORLD of difference in copying and finding inspiration. i am an inspiration gal. copying bad.

a little over a year ago i saw the work of lauren schlossberg for the first time. i was so impressed with her beaded beads that i immediately came home from baltimore, dragged out every bead book i had collected over the years, and started learning to bead beads. i totally sucked at it. i couldn't follow the instructions - mainly because there weren't any. most of what i found was "you will need to decrease at some point" - but no instructions on when and where to do so. so i started looking at pictures of other beaded beads and i played around until i got it right. i still sorta stink at it, but it also helped me to realize that what i wanted to do was different than what i had had been seeing. it helped me develop my own sense of style with these little frustrating objects.

on a side note - anyone who knows me also knows i don't play very well with others. i don't read instructions and i don't follow the rules. as far as i am an concerned, rules were made to be coaxed. whenever anyone asks me how i learned to bead, i never know what to tell them. i just did. i couldn't follow any of the written instructions in any of the bead books i bought out in tucson, so i just looked at the diagrams and experimented until i got the stitch down. i have my own way of beading and it doesn't follow any of the rules that i have seen. i don't use patterns for my peyote stitch and for very few of my square stitch pieces. i don't like that kind of confinement.

i still really like working flat - the geometric, quilt like patterns i have developed over the last 10 years are my own. my work is work i would like to buy, you know. but now i am feeling the need to branch out and try other stitches and variations and i am really looking forward to doing so.i especially want to learn to make 3 dimensional pieces. and i have valerie hector to thank for that.

just before i took off back the quiet, sun free solace of the book tent ( where my better half works during the festival) valerie did two things for which i will always be grateful:

1-she gave me a copy of her book ( see above) and signed it!
2-she told me i can absolutely make a living with my beaded jewelry.

thank you valerie hector! you are my beading muse!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

exciting news!

you are looking at the newest member of the ETSY Bead Weavers Team!
i am excited to be among my peers!
i had met several members before applying through flickr.
check out the group here.
and you can check out the blog to see links to the other members shops and blogs.
the work being done is just astounding!
not only will i be constantly inspired but it will be nice to talk beads for a change with someone who actually gives a ...
everyone else's eyes always glaze over when i utter the words flat peyote stitch...