Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a few of the new pieces in the etsy shop tonight.

i have my first etsy showcase this friday ( my beloveds birthday, nonetheless) and i really and truly don't know what to expect.
to be honest, i am not even sure where to look for it on etsy...
it's the storque main showcase, i think. not sure.
just wanted to get my tiny size fives in the door and i signed up for the showcase because the ones i really wanted were taken.
so, if you are not at jazz fest and feel like poking around etsy on friday...
look for me.
i will be at jazz fest thursday and sunday and i have to work late on saturday night.
not happy about this at all.
i am hoping to get back to beading on monday.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

fighting resistance

everything i suspected i have been doing to myself over the years i have been!

it's funny, i didn't have a name for it - the resistance- but i was aware of it - not only from within me, but from without-from others.
even before i was given this book by my good friend, kim, i was battling the urge to give up on making jewelry again. i've been winning each battle, but it's a long war.
i'm not much of a self help book gal, but i like this book.
i highly recommend it if you are feeling that creative slump.
it has really helped me with all the doubt and fear i have been feeling since opening the etsy shop.
the daily battle to keep going, even when your work is not selling as you'd like it to, is one of the hardest things i have ever done.
i want to give up.
but i can't.
and i won't.
i must persevere.
the artist in me depends on it.
i'm also a stubborn old broad when i want something.

Monday, April 21, 2008

memory lane

postcard of oil painting by teresa moore

a few weeks ago, my friend, mike came by the house to borrow some pictures of he and his wife kim who was celebrating her 40th birthday that weekend. they lost everything they own in the storm, and as one of his gifts to her, mike was gathering up all the photos we all have of them and making her an album.

while looking for pics of mike and kim, i found a huge stack of pictures i had taken of my now defunct art gallery on magazine street. to make a long story short - i was 27 years old, full of chutzpah, and had a little cash in the bank. i opened an art gallery the spring after i moved to new orleans. i didn't have enough cash to keep it open, and very regrettably closed the following year. i am now 38 years old, have no chutzpah whatsoever, and will probably never have cash in the bank ever again. and lately, i am finding myself longing for my "youth" when i was a bit more carefree and more apt to take chances.

so, looking through all of those photos was quite a little thrill! and it reminded me of the person i used to be - the person i can still be. i just have to let go of some of the doubt and fear i have been feeling the last few months. i mean, come on!!! it's not like i'm old or anything. but, man, i used to be fearless. who opens up an art gallery on the fly? i did. please note that this is the same woman who was afraid to put her best selling bracelets on etsy for fear they were too expensive. i rest my case.

anyway.... one of the artists i had the honor and privilege of representing was teresa moore. teresa is a painter living in the san francisco area. she paints these beautiful femme fatales with, if memory serves, oil pastels and she does most,if not all of the work with her hands. no brushes. the paintings have a very ethereal feeling to them and are some of the most imaginative and beautiful art i have ever seen. somehow, i have managed to stay on her mailing list and i just love getting her show announcements. she always has something cool going on and it reminds me that following your dream and being successful at it is doable.

i have hung onto this postcard of hers for over 10 years and finally affixed it in one of my journals last year. i completely regret not buying one of her paintings when i had the gallery, and i check her website often to keep up on her latest work and eyeball pieces i might be able to own one day.

and of course, daydream a bit about being able to do what i love full time. one day. soon.

no fear.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

another decision

i have finally made the decision to add my woven bracelets to ETSY.
i honestly feel that they are a little pricey and may not sell ( nothing's moving right now, so i guess i have nothing to loose!). i also feel that these are some of my best work and i want them out there for the world to see.
i have 4 ready to g0- including these 2 - i think, and they will go up on sunday, if all goes well.
also want to drive out to the gemshow for a few hours on sunday. i always spend too much money, but i will try to behave this time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring colors II

i have had these sweets for about 3 or 4 years now and never knew what to do with them. i think i figured it out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


well, they are finally done.
the little pop color squares and circles i have been working on for over a week.
when it came time to "string" them up, a change came over me.
i eschewed my usual stringing method of adding more beads on an accuflex type cord and went instead with an idea i have been toying with for months...
i strung them very simply between two links of tiny chain.
personally, i love the way they look. i am more than pleased, to be quite honest.
the little woven pendants just pop! with nothing else to stand in their way.
these little dawlins are going to be uploaded to ETSY very shortly.
i hope the rest of the world is as pleased with them as i am.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

too early to be this mad

GRRRRRR...... it's only 11am and already today stinks!

i opened a letter this morning informing me that the sewerage and water board of new orleans has reported me to a collection agency for the whopping amount of $12.00.
the real stinker of it is... i have all my bills dating back to march 2005 and

#1- all the bills have been paid in full until december 2007 when they sent me a $375.00 bill for all the water i had used since the hurricane but they had not charged me for. this one is being paid down monthly per their instructions.

#2- there is no delinquent fee on any of the bills including the one i just paid last month.

#3- the completely unqualified and uneducated person i spoke to regarding said $300 + bill assured me if i simply paid $20 or so over the amount due each month (tacked on to already ludicrous balance) that my water would not be turned off. i take the bill every month now and double the amount that is due that month, successfully paying that month's bill and whittling down the balance.


omg i am so mad right now i can barely breathe!!!

now, i have to pay the collection agency and the balance on the bill just to keep from wasting my only day off this week chasing my arse down at the sewerage and water board.

ok, i feel a little better to get that out... but.... oh, why oh why are we, as new orleanians putting up with this horse hockey? i will tell you why... because we don't have time, between all the other daily crap we are putting up with to deal with the incompetence of the city government. it's easier to just pay it and let it go.

and that's what i have to do if i want to finish the pieces i have been working on and post them to my ETSY store on monday. i have to let this go. but, i tell you, it's killing me to do so.

can you sue the sewerage and water board? can you sue the person who reported the unfounded and unprovable charge for defamation of character? if you can, would someone let me know.

in the meantime... i have made some new bead buddies on flickr.
check out the links below for some seriously cool work..

lidia's pinwheels
and stars
gina's butterfly
carol's triangles

look for the new work i keep promising to be posted to ETSY on monday:
pop circle necklaces
pop square necklaces
more vintage and gemstone pieces

i am going to knick my good friend ande's saying and tell everyone to have a shiny day!

i sure need one.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

amber leilani online!

well, it was a long time coming, but amber leilani designs is ONLINE!
thanks to my friend claudia
my website has been updated and actually has my latest designs and current
info on it!

also, after many hours and a massive problem with cropping ( hey, i make jewelry, not graphics) i have uploaded and opened my first ETSY store.

the website has links to both this blog and to the ETSY store and i am going to list them on the side here as well.

i am so excited and proud that all of this has happened in such a short amount of time.

i am also scared out of my wits, because i have never given the jewelry this much attention and work. i always just fiddled with it before. before i got tired of punching a time clock, that is.

and although i know it will be a lot of work and nothing will happen overnight, at least i have taken those first few baby steps on the long road of trying to build a career out of something i love.

wish me luck and stop by to look, shop, or just chat.


Thursday, April 3, 2008


i am getting really aggravated that i am not getting the amount of work done that i had planned this week.
my etsy store is a week behind ( hopefully by next wed. or thurs) and i have not been able to photograph the work i do have finished because it's been cloudy and rainy here all week.
i have plans for the rest of this week, as i have visitors in town.i suppose not much will get done until late sunday night. i don't like it when i can't work.
just frustrated.
wish i didn't have to punch a time clock to pay my bills.
it takes up so much of my precious time...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the tao of begonia

this is a pic of the begonias i have in my little container garden in the back yard.
i found out the hard way that you CANNOT kill a begonia. believe me. i have tried.
the stray cats that dig in the back yard tried to destroy them in august.
i forgot to water them for most of the fall and winter.
we had a really cold night in january that i thought for sure would do them in.
now, here we are in april, and look at them. they are over a foot tall. amazing.
this pic is for my good friend, penelope.
see, that which does not kill us makes us stronger.
love ya, hon!!!! hang in there!!!
and super duper congrats on the job!!!!
yay penelope!!!!!

tuesday's work

new pieces for spring for two of my retailers.
i love love love that citrine piece.
i may have make me one too