Monday, February 18, 2008


it's been a rough week.
recovering from the flu- first time i have had the flu in 30 years.
caught it just after mardi gras. at least it held off until then.
i have spent the last 4 days just trying to get my strength back when
i would much rather be working on new jewelry designs.
i also have to go into work today, on my day off to make up some of
the time i lost last week. getting paid by the hour is soooooo degrading.
i have so much laundry to do and errands to run i have no idea when i
will get a chance to sit down and work. i still have one bracelet to alter
for the lady in houston and i want to finish the new pieces i started before
carnival. but when? who knows.

i have found a few new artists to keep me inspired until i can get back
to work:
abigail percy
rebecca rebouche
inside a black apple

hopefully it will be soon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

mardi gras 2008

krewe of st. ann

random pics from mardi gras day in the marigny and quarter.
what a beautiful day it was!!!!!!!!
it's taken a few days to recover - it's always so sad to
me when mardi gras ends. it's my favourite holiday by far.
of course, i don't understand why the city doesn't take
ash wednesday off too. that's really the day you need not
to work.
now we have st. patty's day and jazz fest to look
forward to at least.