Friday, October 17, 2008

new venture/old idea

a few years ago at a friend's house over dinner and several glasses of wine, my friend, laura and i hatched an idea for a book and a series of images to go with it centering around the life of a bunch of ladies from southwest georgia who all belonged to a women's club. our inspiration was a cookbook from the 1950's that laura had received as a gift and the old nancy drew stories we loved when we were little girls.

well, several years later, and the book is still in limbo. we work on it sporadically and don't talk about it to others very much. mainly because we work on it sporadically. we are busy ladies what with our jobs ( in my case more than one), our homes, our significant others, pets, etc. you know, the same daily american grind we are all dealing with on some level.

a few nights ago, over several more glasses of wine, i proposed the idea that maybe we needed a break (from trying to force ourselves to work on the book) and have a little fun with the characters. i proposed that the ladies of the "webster women's club" should have their own blog.

and now they do.

this is a new venture for both laura and i, and it is very very very much a work in progress. this morning i am having trouble loading some of our artwork and there are only 2 posts up. but, i thought, you gotta start somewhere.

so, if you feel like taking a break from your daily grind and checking in on the ladies of webster county georgia- marveen, ginger, bitsy, georgina, and mylan - please feel free to do so. they are always in to something and all of them love to cook, so the recipes will be free flowing, i promise.

we have big plans for marveen and her friends.

i hope you will drop by and say hi.

be nice. we are new to this!


Lidia said...

WOW!! Gotta tell ya that I love the new blog and the whole idea of it. Lidia

Amber Leilani said...

thanks, lidia. we are having fun with it!