Friday, September 12, 2008

press por moi

my marveen bracelet was featured in the shopping section of the paper today - WISH - i haven't actually seen the piece, but i know it's in the editor's picks and in the table of contents. i would include a link so you all could see it too, but alas, as is the case with most things in new orleans these days, the link is not working. if they get it up and running, i will include it in a later post.

i also found out that my city blocks cuff is being featured as the photo for high gloss ( keep your fingers crossed for houston) in the guide SCHMAPP. i have included a little widget on the side of the blog that you can take a look at. it's not a very good picture, in my opinion, but i guess someone liked it.

so, today has been a good jewelry day for me. just wanted to share.


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This is wonderful news! Congratulations!!!!